Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 3-

Note/Edit: Don't be confused. I did change chapter title. Sorry.

-Chapter 3: Tour of the City (Part 1)-
The soothing sound of a piano could be heard throughout the modern home. It was like a scene from the past as Lestat tickled the ivories and Louis turned the pages of a novel. The only thing that change was concrete jungle that surrounded them now.

"Lestat," Louis murmured from behind his book. "Yes?"

"How much has changed since we've been gone?"

"What kind of question is that?" Plenty!" he said missing a key and mumbling to himself.
"You need to feed and I would like to see the city. Can we?" Louis now stood up, putting down the book he was reading. Lestat had stopped playing now and looked over dark hair vampire smirking at him. He then looked up at the room where Claudia had retreated too after the other night and scowled.

"She already fed and she avoiding you as much as you are avoiding her. Come on Lestat! Let's paint the town red!" Louis said slightly smiling.

The tension in the house had been unbearable since the other night and Louis had hoped to get his maker in a better mood. Lestat only frowned and nodded. Lestat loved the idea, but he found himself still angry at the fact that Claudia had weasel her way back into his life and at Louis for being the cause of it. They both left out the back into night without saying anymore.

"Lestat, so this is where you go?" They enter a expensive looking club that seem to be luxury to the sports bar of the night before. "Let's get dinner," Lestat said jokingly.
He zoned in on the sound of a piano and looked over to see a young lady playing it's keys on the club's stage.
"Now watch this my dear Louis," he purred staring into his fledging eyes. He was already in better mood to Louis delight. 
He turned around and went over to the stage. He asked the woman to stop and with one look into his eyes, she did instantly. They went over to bar and began talking.
Louis stood back to watch his maker at work. It was like watching a performer at his best and he slightly enjoyed watching him now. As Lestat would say, he was playing with his food and the woman played right into his hands.
He flirted and almost hypnotized the woman in a trance. He looked over at Louis, who playfully rolled his eyes if to say get it over with already and then with flash his fangs sunk into the woman's neck.
The woman flinched, but she seem to be completely hypnotized by Lestat. He had grown much stronger in these many years and let go of the woman after taking his fill. He licked his lips playfully and went running over to the stage, leaving the woman standing there confused.
He then played the guitar for most the night, leaving the woman to Louis's "care." As Lestat finished up his performance, they both agreed to leave for the night was still young. "Give me another drink, bartender," a man could be heard saying at the upstairs' bar as Lestat made his way over to Louis.
He stood up with his drink in hand and looked over the balcony. "Louis?" the boy reporter said choking on his drink.
"I wonder if Armand knows," Daniel Malloy thought to himself as he watch from the balcony.

Part 2 will be Chapter 4! Stay tune....

Edit: Blogger sucks sometimes! You guys get to see it 30 mins earlier than usual!!! Oh well....


  1. You're welcome Vid. Ya know, I look forward to Saturday mornings because of this. I wake up early, just so I can get settled to read this before I go off to do my laundry and get groceries, cleaning, all that blahness before settling down again.

  2. Awwwww! *hugs* That made my day! I'm really happy you like it! :D


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