Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Miss Simiverse Assignment 7 Pic + Scores

 A National School Pageant in a You Vs. Them
 Green, Orange, and White
It's Sunset high's school spirit week and the best of the best have come out to show their talents. Amanda (valit victorian), Rodger (star quaterback), and Ken (chess champion) pose for the school newspaper. The Sunset Bulls own the famous best of the best trophy. Can the llamas take it? Let the games begin! 

LE: 73+25=98
Comments: Now this is more like it Vid. The editing is much improved here. I’m sure it took quite a long time to edit all the little details in, and you pulled it off wonderfully. The Nationals are usually for every school in the nation, so I deducted a few marks there as yours was centered around Spirit Week which made it a bit hard to determine it was for the nationals. Other than that, awesome job Vid!

Agh, should of been more clear. Oh, well. Still loved how it turned out. I had fun doing it and editing the little things in did take awhile. Wasn't hard at all to do, but it was time consuming. The only thing that was really difficult was posing them and getting rid of thought bubbles with the cheat. Was being a pain! I also took the time to build the set and I didn't do half bad. :P

I <3 the next assignment!!! Teen angst! Rawr!


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