Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My new vampire for Dark's Comp!!!! :D

Veronica Raven-Crow
The mysterious beauty of the night. They say she gives the kiss of death to all men who meet her. Beware of her walking the streets at night of Italy and many place she travels to. Once she has you in her grip, she doesn't let go. If you bore her, she'll kill you in a second. She always gets her way no matter what and any woman rivals her, you can insure they end up dead. She loves to hunt for fine antiques and artwork, when she isn't giving men her all too famous kiss. Beware of her beauty and charm as it can be blinding. The liquid fire that is blood is all she wants.

Ahhhhh! I love her! I wish the peals I put on her neck had showed up in game, but oh well. She turned out better than expected!

She's a Venture, which one of clans you could choose from (see more info below). I wanted do a clan that was similar to Anne Rice's style of vampires. I think it pulled off with her. At first I was going enter male vamp, but I decided to go with a famale one. More cc choices for females, which is a bonus you know.

I may upload her and give her a part in Eternity of Damned. We'll see. :)

More info...

The Ventrue aristocratic and influential. The members of clan Ventrue tend to rise to (and be drawn from) the upper echelons of society. As such their ranks are filled by intelligent, strong willed and powerful people. They are sophisticated and organized; they founded the Camarilla and still lead the sect to this day. They ensure that Traditions are maintained for the good of all vampire society and direct the jyhad against the Sabbat. While their status affords them comfortable unlives they are perhaps a bit spoiled by this and are regarded as old fashioned and a little detached from the "real world" by some of the other clans.

Nickname: Blue Bloods

Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Merits: They can use their Dominate discipline in conversation with other characters giving them more dialog choices and increasing their chances for favorable outcomes. Their status within Kindred society is also a bonus and they are more readily accepted by other Camarilla.

Flaws: Life at the top means they're not accustomed to getting by at the bottom of society. Only the blood of upper class mortals can sate them. If they feed from a bum or a prostitute there is a chance they will only vomit it straight back up again and they can't feed on rats at all.


  1. Thanks! :D I'm anxious to start, so I can start thinking up photoshoots for her.


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