Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eternity of The Damned -Chapter 2-

-Chapter 2: Before Sunrise-
The vampire child stood beside Louis with a almost playful smile on her face. Lestat could feel her eyes burning into him and almost feel the hatred seeping from her.
He backed away from them almost horrified, but he then came to his senses. "Out...get out!"
"Lestat calm down!," Louis calmly suggested with look of concern. Lestat looked as if he could attack at any minute.
Claudia stood there calmly with almost a smirk on her face, which angered him more. "I don't want her here! She is the cause of everything gone wrong! She is a curse to me and you! How on earth could bring her here to me?"
"But...," Louis stammered looking defeated. He knew it was useless fighting with him when he seemed to be this angry. "Fine. We'll leave. Sorry to bother you. Nice seeing you Lestat." Louis looked over at Claudia as if saying it was time to go, but he backed away when he saw the girl's porcelain doll face twisted in anger as well.

"How dare you send us away?! After what you put us through with Armand! You are as worse as you was before we left! It is only hours aways from sunset and you can't give us a room to sleep in for tonight? Louis we were fools to think he's changed or let go of his grudge with me. You can stay and I will leave. For tonight you may have your beloved, Louis. Either the sun will take me or the modern vampires will kill me, but I refuse to let him be the death of me!"
She stormed out without bothering to look at both of them and she disappeared out the backdoor, out into the large city. Lestat and Louis stood there in silence as they both appear to be stunned by the sudden outburst. "Well... morning. I'm going to sleep," Lestat grumbled finally ignoring all that had happen just now. But...Lestat...Claudia!"
"I could care less about that damn Claudia! Let her fry in the sun! Burn into ashes! We will be both rid of her. Now you can stay or go out and burn with her, but I'm going to sleep!"
Louis stood there looking almost depressed. He went to the backdoor and looked out looking for the small immortal.
He stood there for quite awhile before sensing Lestat presents again. He turned around to see a almost unfamiliar Lestat dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. "Your burn to ashes standing there. It's a glass door you fool!"
He was beyond angry, but he stood there with similar clothes for Louis in hand. "Well we have alittle more than two hours till sunset and if we don't find the little demon, forget about her!" Lestat despite feeling the up most hatred for the child like vampire, found himself compelled to keep Louis by his side.

"Damn you Louis! Damn you to hell!" he heard the blond grumbled as they made their way out. "We already been to hell and back Lestat. Is that possible?"

Lestat cut his eye at him and Louis knew to say no more.
"Let me in mortal!" Claudia yelled angrily at the bodyguard. The man looked down to see the little vampire and instantly began laughing. "Where's your parents...?" Before he could finish he found himself starting at the very angry immortal and backed away in fear.
"Are you sure Claudia is here, Lestat?" Louis now stood beside Lestat downstairs of the little sports night club.
Lestat looked over at him again with scowl and promptly enter the elevator. Louis followed behind.
Claudia now enter the bar with great ease without pesky bodyguard to bother her now.
She sat down as bartender juggle drinks through the air. Of course the child-like vampire garner attention as the customers stared and pointed at her.

The bartender stopped at the sight of her and dropped the glass. She look down briefly, but her attention went completely to the "child" sitting at her bar.
"Honey, you here with someone?," the blond bartender asked in a southern accent. Claudia looked over at her with disdain, but before she could make her fury known, the bartender spoke again looking over Claudia shoulder. "So is that parents hon?"
"Parents?" She looked around to see beloved Louis and and a slightly amused Lestat.
"Now come here Claudia! It's pass your bedtime!" he said mockingly.
She looked at him with disgusted and stood up. "Now let's go, before I change my mind little girl!"
 "I'm not going anywhere with you! Go away!"
"Claudia now is not the time. Lestat is offering us a place to stay and we don't have much time," Louis interrupted looking up at the bar's clock. He peered over at Lestat now, who was eyeing the bar's stage. "Lestat, not now!"
"I know. I'm not some child!!!" Lestat said purposely, making sure to emphasize the word child and Claudia looked over at him furiously.
Louis simply shook his head at them both and they quickly left into dying night to the safety of the vampire Lestat's modern lair.


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  2. Awesome. :) I fell asleep before I could read it last night.

  3. Thank you guys so much! I'm really enjoying myself and I wasn't too nervous posting it this time. Yay! :)


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