Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Butterfly of Doom...

Booky posted a wonderful idea in her blog today. I actually thought of this as well, but I didn't want push it. It's great idea though.

I put the Butterfly of Doom at the top of the blog a few days ago to show my support and concern for Mare. This was a fixture on Mare blog and I think I mentioned it here. Have to look for the post, but this is my way of showing support. You may use it if you like. I don't know how long the little guy will be up there, but I plan on having him there in honor of them for as long as I can. I know some people are probably rolling their eyes at me and think it's silly, but I do miss them. Hate me, call me a worshipper, tell me it's better things to worry about, but no matter what it's staying there.

P.S. I think they like be to called by their whole name or Mare rather than TMN. Just saying. ;)


  1. This is a good idea.
    I miss The Mares Nest.
    I'll be looking foward to seeing them blog again, hopefully real soon.

  2. Yea. I wonder if they're still lurking. I really hope they come back or at least let us know they're ok.

  3. I miss the Mare, terribly. They were my 'comic relief' after lurking the depressing forums. :( I hope they are all OK and just taking a break.

  4. ^No one knows. Their blog just went private out of the blue last week.

    @Hippie I know. The Simming community isn't the same without them. :(


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