Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Title ideas and Armand with better hair, slighty tweaked *updated again*

I'm pretty bad at making up titles, but these are my ideas....
-Forever The Dammed
-Shadows of The Dammed
-Amoung the Vampires
-The Dark Trick
"Shadows of the Dammed and The Dark Trick are my favorite! :P Anyway...

That is the closes I can get him as a sim. Going start the story in a few days, now that he's done with. I will upload him as Antonia if you still want, Gomar! :D
Edit: I'm finished. Sorry.


  1. Omgee. HE looks fantastic. :) And yes, I would still like him.
    As for a title, i like...Shadows of the Damned.

  2. Aw, you caught while I was updating. Fix his cheek/jaw shape.

    K. Will upload him then and thanks :)

  3. Well, he still looks awesome! And thanks sooooo much

  4. Thanks and your welcome. I'll put him in some better clothes and put him on my customs blog. :D

  5. oo that hair is MUCH better. it looks so much like him omg!


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