Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Armand so far...Thoughts?

Going post the first chapter of my story soon. Maybe this weekend or this week. I'm having problems thinking of a name for it so I'm open to suggestions.

Edit: Should I upload Lestat and co. with Armand or do a separate download without Armand? I still plan on making Daniel in some way.


  1. Totally forgot Antonio was in this movie.. mmm... <3

    Can't wait to see the first chap.

  2. VERY good likeness. i think you captured his 'essence' nicely. hate the hair tho, bleh :P

  3. I know! I was going give him one of the pontytails, but that was worse! Going to go cc hunting for hair. Hopefully I can find something better.

    @Gomar Hehe, I <3 Antonio! :)

  4. He's great! My only suggestion is to get the eyebrows a little lower. That's from looking at the pic, though, and I'm not sure if that's just how is expression is :/
    Also, I just put out two new sims. Thought you might want to know for TS3 CC Gallery since you're not following my blog :)

  5. K. I'll post them and I forgot to follow. *following*

    I think I got the eyebrow slider the lowest I can get. >_<

  6. I want his babies in my game! lol Are ya gonna upload him?

  7. Yea. Want him as a regular non-vamp sim or like he is? :P

  8. I just want Me Antonio Banderas, if possible. :) THNAKS!

  9. Ok. ;) I'll post him when I'm finish. Might give him different hair and clothes. Shouldn't take me long.


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