Monday, February 21, 2011

The Mare's Nest still private...

This turned out longer than I wanted. If you don't like Mare or could care less, don't read. Any nasty comments, will be deleted. I will have no problem cutting off comments either, so don't try it! This a positive post and I want no negativity!
It's about 3 days now, I'm already feel like something missing out of my routine. We all know what that is by now. The Mare's Nest has been private since Saturday night and I can't help be bother by it. I probably sound like broken record, but if AE or Em went missing I would go and on about it. I would email, pm, and blog about them in hopes they know I miss them. The good people of Mare are no different. If I went missing I'm sure they do the same.

This very blog was probably the first to endorsed this blog and never hesitate to blog about them here. I was going wait it out and not say a word, but I think it would be very weird for me to not say anything on the subject here. I honestly don't know what is going on with their blog or them. I clicked on their link earlier that day it went private and it was no warning or post saying the blog was going private. I know just as much as anybody on the subject and that is nothing.

I will not be posting theories of why it's gone private and I will not demand they tell me either. If they wanted us to know, they would have said so. All I will say is that I hope everything is ok with them and I hope that nothing has went terribly wrong. I extremely worried and concern. I have always worried that something bad would happen someday, so this happening is not helping. All kinds of things have come to mind, but no one knows the truth. Could be a problem on their internet or in their personal lives. I just pray that it's nothing bad. Hopefully it's just a break or they have stopped blogging on their own terms. Not because of some twat, but on their own terms.

We don't know when they will come back and open their blog back up. Either way I support their decision. Like AE said on her blog, I just hope "we cross paths again" and maybe I can repay them for all the kindness they showed me. I don't think it's simmer who can say they never been inspired by The Mare's Nest in some way. You are all intelligent and amazing individuals that already find myself missing.

Before this starts to sound like sermon at a funeral, I will say that we all can hold hope that blog is just private. Not deleted guys, private. I will say in the few years I've known of them, they are as a mysterious as ever. If this is permanent, my I'm going have hard time adjusting. No matter the outcome, their link will remain up.

All The Best, Vidkid20!


  1. i certainly hope its not permanant.. but i too am getting slightly worried. when they had that one post that was private, the site was still up, only the latest post was passworded. this is different, and i think thats why its gotten everyone a little.. uneasy.

    i dont know what else to say that i havent already said elsewhere.. i hope everything is alright with them

  2. I hope this is just temporary due to some minor problems.

  3. ^Yea. Hopefully nothing too serious. I've seen the private post thing before, but making the whole blog private without warning us is unsettling. :(

  4. It doesn't seem like them to give no warning. All we can do is wait (and that's so hard).

  5. Well I came here to see if maybe Vid knew something and it seems as if we all are still in the dark. I hope they weren't hacked, there has been a boatload of peoples blogs and forums, website being hacked, mine included and I just hope this is not the case with them!

    I guess I will just keep checking the site to see when they come back on. I'm kind of scared to try and register because we really had no warning of Mares going private.

    Hope all is okay... :(

  6. Yeah, I just saw that today... very strange. o_o" I actually liked them, even though sometimes they'd post about me... now it just is kind of odd without them there. D':

    There will be those that are thrilled by this news, but I'm not among them. :/ Besides, they'll be back up in no time, I'm sure. And put an end to whoever is responsible for their downtime! XD Dun dun dunnn!

  7. Hey Cece, Wolfie and thanks for following misstickle!

    Nope, I'm as clueless as you are. Didn't even know their blog was on private till I asked Em if they updated and she told me to look at SR's blog who posted about it first.

    I was thinking maybe they were about to release some explosive post, so I waited. So far no and I have no clue as to why. Maybe they will be back soon. All the crap they get, I wouldn't surprise if they decided to say screw it. Could be hacking, but it could anything with them. I just hope all is ok.

    No warning at all is what really bothers me. Guess all we can do it wait and see.

  8. They are in my thoughts. I hope all is okay with them. <=(


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