Friday, February 25, 2011

The Sims 3 CC Gallery...

Before I post the next chapter of Eternity of the Damned, I want to post about my cc listing site. With Mare blog being like it is, truthfully it's kinda a big hit to blogs like TS3 CC. We need more people to contribute so we can keep it going and we need more publicity for the site. If you have suggestions, please comment and if have any cc you want posted please just post or email us. Been a bit a slow. We can't keep adding the same people over and over again either. Need more variety.

P.S. I hope this doesn't come off sounding wrong as you know I'm more concern with their well-being then some blog. :(

Anway, have a nice weekend folks!


  1. I've only had maybe two items posted there, and I should have a new berry sweet sim up sometime next week :)

  2. K and I meant to add your blog here. Will do that now. ^_^

  3. Why not have a clickable banner like ya did for the Butterfly of Doom? Your blog gets a lot of traffic.

    I have it on my links page on my site, maybe ask a few of the contributors to add a link to their sites if they haven't.

    Other than that, keep doing what you are doing Vid. It takes time, don't get discouraged. I plan on making lots of goodies when I get my laptop back :)

  4. Yea. I'm thinking of doing a little re-designing anyway and I can put the banner up while I'm doing it. Nothing big, but the gadgets on the side.

    I'll try give a chance to pick up again. I'm not going give up just yet.

  5. Have you advertised in Creative Corner? A lot of the creators don't venture from there. And with advertising, also put on the first post the latest CC up for grabs. That could help, as it would show something someone may want.

    Was also meaning to put the Painting I did up there as well. Kinda forgot xD

  6. I have a couple of builds that I wouldn't mind you putting up ^_^ I want to show them off but Creative Corner scares me... last time I went there with a build people were kind of elitist about it.

    Than you for putting up Xaki btw ^_^ you're awesome!

  7. I love the CC gallery - though I always felt like I was being pushy when I sent you an e-mail.

    It's so much more positive there then other places.

    Good luck!

  8. ^Aw no need to feel that way. We don't mind at all. Send us as many emails as you want. :)


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