Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 4-

Note: Daniel knows Louis from his interview of course, but has only heard of Lestat. He meant to interview Lestat as well, but ran into Armand. That's all I'll say for now.

-Chapter 4: Tour of the City (Part 2)-
"Lestat where to now? Do we have enough time for this?!" Lestat had been pulling Louis around all night telling him about every nook and cranny the city had to offer. To Louis, precious time had been wasted as the sun would rise soon, but Lestat was too busy being Lestat. "Don't worry so much Louis. It's bothersome," Lestat now said as he made his way into another night club. This one had more grittier and more of a club feel as Louis observed the dance floor.
"Daniel what are you doing?" the boy reporter now questioned himself as he hid outside the club. He had followed the vampires the best he could and now he stood waiting for them to come out.
Curiousity had brought him there. He only laid eyes on the one they called Louis, but Lestat had evaded him for years. "I could easily just go up to him and introduce myself, but Louis....," he trailed off thinking to himself again.

"Lestat! Your drawing attention to yourself!" Louis whispered looking at his fellow vampire playfully stooping down in a hunting position.
Lestat had no care in the world at the moment. He had his dear Louis all to himself and mortals looking at him in awe. He quickly stood up and pointed to a female mortal dancing on the dance floor. "Have taste of her and then we can go home."
Louis looked at him shocked and slightly disturbed by the thought of taking a immortal in front all the club goers. He still hadn't grown use to feeding on mortal blood and his conscious still haunted him, but he came to accept this part of his eternity. He looked at Lestat slightly annoyed. "Do I still have to prove myself to you? Really after all these years?"
"Don't ruin the night now! Just feed and stop whining!" Lestat said frowning.
Louis looked at him with a angry expression and walked over to the woman that was his target. She was wearing mix of colors that were almost blinding. Louis could tell Lestat found all of this amusing as he adjusted his eyes. He ignored his annoyance with him and asked the strange girl to dance. They danced for only a few minutes and then talked a bit about the club.
He smiled at her and put his hands on her face leaning into her finally. She looked at him surprised, but she leaned in for a kiss. To her surprise he brushed pass her lips and plunged his fangs into her neck. Lestat looked on amused, but pleased.
When he finished he lifted his head and simply left the girl there in a daze. "Now can we go home?! I think I'm ready now!" Louis said now standing before Lestat looking at him sternly. Lestat moved closer to Louis and whisper the words "sure" into his ear. Louis looking slightly caught off guard by this, went directly to entrance of the club with Lestat following.
Once outside Lestat stopped in his tracks and looked around. "Lestat? What now?" Louis had turned around now staring at him. He looked over at Louis with a serious look. "Nothing. Just thought something was watching us."
He waved his hand as to wave off the feeling he had just now and smiled to put Louis at ease. Louis smiled back at him warmly and they both ran off into dying night.

Daniel came from behind the club looking shocked from the sight he just saw and quickly looked around.
He never imagine to see Louis again, nor less see the vampire Lestat himself. "He almost saw me! Lestat almost saw me!" he thought feeling incredibly excited, but afraid. He quickly made his way to the corner where a cab sat idly waiting for a passenger and he told the cab driver to take him home.  

When he arrived, he walked upstairs to his apartment and open the door. It was plain, but a newly brought apartment he had brought a few days ago. Dirt cheap rent and a nice view, he didn't mind the simplicity too much. He barely had time to decorate it to his taste anyway and that was much to do with him not having enough money. The little money he did have went to his drinking and that was a must.

He looked around to see nothing out of place and the same apartment he had left earlier that night. He stood there sterching and feeling just happy to be home after such a odd evening.
With his neck hurting, he wondered if could get some sleep. "So where have you been?" he heard a voice say from behind him suddenly.
He froze at the sound of the voice and knew instantly who it was. That night would be a sleepless night again as he turned to greet the vampire Armand.


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