Friday, February 4, 2011

Get ready! This weekend...

-At 12am tonight (my time), I will be posting the first chapter of "Eternity of The Danmed". Yes I have settled on almost entirely different name I just thought of. lol Just fits what this will be about. It will be loosely based on the first two books of the Vampire Chronicles. Rockstar Lestat? Yep. Attack townies of Bridgeport? Hell yeah! ;)

-To celebrate the first chapter going up tonight...
Uploaded! Armand will come later!

-I have two request. Makeup for Hamsterlover and Paco's celeb sim. I will be most likely working on them and the next chapter of above if comp stuff doesn't get in the way. Will try get everything done though as I've been on a good pace.

Have a good one simmers! ^_^

P.S. I will try make it a habit to post a chapter every weekend. Forgot to mention that. >_<

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