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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 13-

Happy Halloween weekend! :P Thought this would be a nice time to release another chapter of Eternity of the Damned after making yall wait so long. Only 1 note you will need to know is the interview with a vampire book exsist in the story itself( like in the book), which makes the Lestat and Louis well knowned names. Just saying. Also Louis and Lestat will be back for the next chapter that I hope to have for you very soon. Enjoy!

All the Chapters are here.

-Chapter 13: The Guest-
"Madam is something wrong?" the boy said again staring at Claudia with wonder. "Do you need something?"
Claudia too shock to speak said nothing and stared back in amazement. She didn't expect to see another like herself or come across any in this era. She remained silent as he inched closer to her reaching out for her hand. She backed away confused as to what to do and she then felt the sensation of falling. Her feet gave way and the hand that reached out for her, now caught her.

"Madam you need to drink. It's time for dinner. Madam Veronica will be here soon. Let me help you to the dinning room."

Claudia only nodded with the little strength she had left. Her energy quickly leaving her, she had no choice in the matter. When they reach the dinning room he pulled out a chair and sat her down carefully as if  she was a fragile doll.
She slumped over trying regain her bearings and set up eyeing him suspiciously. He said nothing and forced a smile on his face, standing beside her. He then looked over at the doorway and the smile on his face spread into huge grin as another immortal stood in the doorway now.
"Where the hell is Veronica? She is never on time! Dorian, tell Braxton to get dinner ready! I can't wait any longer" the woman said angrily ignoring Claudia's presence completely. She was a thin, but glamorous woman.
She wore a sparkly dress that made her look like a old movie star and was carrying what appeared to be a white Persian cat.

"Who's she?" she said pointing to Claudia, but speaking casually as if this was a normal event. She put the cat on the floor and sat down lighting a cigarette. Claudia unable to speak out of fear and the thirst, said nothing and felt her eyes drawn to the cat. The Persian walked over to her watching her and she licked her lips at the sight of it. She smiled a devilish smile reaching out for it and the cat hissed angrily.
"I wouldn't do that if I was you." the woman said blowing smoke into Claudia's direction as the cat ran off. "It would make me very angry if you were to hurt my cat. Who the hell are you anyway?"

Claudia waved away the smoke and coughed feeling her lungs inhale the foul smelling vapors. Another puff came from the woman mouth making Claudia's stomach queasy. She looked away trying to conceal the sudden anger she felt towards the rude gesture. Before the woman could ask again, the boy returned.
"Veronica brought her here last night. I saw her carrying her and then when I awoke she was standing in the living room."

"Damn that Veronica! Can she go over these things with us first! I'm not going babysit this little brat all night, that's for sure!" the woman said frowning and then shooting a shock look at a glaring Claudia. "What the hell is wrong with you kid? Want your mommy or something?"
Claudia clenched her teeth trying control her anger and hatred towards the woman. She despised it when Lestat would refer to her as such, but a total stranger saying such infuriated her more.

The boy moved towards her placing her hand on her shoulder smiling.

"Veronica is here. I sense her." he said calmly. It seemed like only seconds after he spoke of her, that Veronica appeared.
Claudia recognized her immediately. A hush fell over them as she glided towards them. Only the sound of smoking immortal voice rang out.

"About damn time you got here! I order dinner to be served. What took you so damn long?" she said dabbing more cigarette ashes onto the floor.
Veronica turned around suddenly as if she had been woken abruptly from a dream. Her face twisted in rage, the cigarette went up into flames and the woman stood frantically dropping the charred cigarette on the floor. She held hand wincing in pain and her face now showed fear. She sat back down looking down at the floor and said nothing as the Veronica spoke.
"Rachel your mouth is truly bothersome! Fix it or that won't be only thing going up in flames! Now where was I? Yes, dinner. Dorian, tell Braxton to bring 3 glasses of the finest. We have a guest tonight."
Dorian nodded his head and quickly ran out of the dinning room. Veronica sat down turning to Claudia. "So may I ask why have been following me? I thought we could talk about it over dinner."

Claudia looked down in embarrassment and in shock that the question had came so suddenly. The woman stared at her waiting for an answer and then moved so close their faces were inches apart. She looked calm, but Claudia could tell she was not pleased. "Why are you following me? she asked again grabbing Claudia wrist.
"I admire you!" Claudia said almost yelling at her.

"Why? she said gripping Claudia wrist tighter.

"I want to be you. I need you."


"Please, I will leave you alone if you let me go."

"Ha, like I would let you walk out of here without an answer. I could just kill you and be done with you. Answer my question! I'm becoming impatient! I'm deadly serious, if you don't answer my question soon, you're be joining the ashes on the floor!"

"I need a companion! I wanted you to be my companion! I thought you might could protect me. That's all. That's why I followed you."

The immortal Rachel who had been wiping bloody tears from her face and still staring at her hand, looked up at Claudia as she spoke the word "companion". She smiled and then a callous laughter echoed in the room. Veronica smiled giggling to herself and then waving her hand for Rachel to stop.
"What a silly little girl" Rachel said stopping, but still smiling to herself.

"Aw, but lets not be rude. She is our guest. So..."


"Yes Claudia. So following me was your plan to make me your companion? Do you think it's that easy? Do you know what you got yourself into?

"No. I...I..."

"Claudia, what can you do for me? You're a child vampire. As a companion you're useless. Why should I let you even live?"

"I..I  can be valuable! I swear to you I will show my worth if you let me! That boy is like me! You gave him a chance it seems."
Rachel snorted, rolling her eyes at the Claudia. "He's my brother. It is a very long story you have no business of hearing little girl. Keep going."

"But..." Claudia losing her train of thought, desperately try to think of something to impress them. She felt she like was losing a losing battle, when her memories of the night before flashed into her mind.

"I can tell you who that vampire was last night! I know him from a long time ago. My makers know him and they should prove interesting to you I'm sure."

"Your makers are still alive? Who are they? Do you really want to betrayed them giving me information like this?"

"They have given me up. I am yours if you let me. I will tell you everything about them and the vampire you saw last night. They are not from this time. You do know the names Lestat and Louis don't you? They exists!"

Veronica and Rachel eyes widen at the sound of their names. Veronica closed her eyes thinking and opened them slowly. "Yes I have heard of those names. And how can I trust you, if you can rat them out so easily?"

"I will prove my worth and loyalty if you let me. If I do not succeed, then you can kill me as you wish, but please let me be one of your companions.

Rachel started laughing again waiting for Veronica to join in, but Veronica's face was serious. 
They all sat quietly as three wine glasses of blood were served to them by the butler, Braxton. Dorian took his glass and left, leaving two for the young immortals in the room still. The smell of the blood making Claudia's mouth water, she grabbed one of the glasses gulping down every drop. When she finish she wiped her mouth with her arm and peered up at Veronica, who seem to be waiting for her attention.

"I do not know why I even brought you here. I don't see any use of knowing more about those vampires you speak of, but I am curious. I always get what I want and losing that human yet again last night does bother me. No vampire gets in my way and that vampire that was with him is the first in many centuries to get in my way. Not only does he do it once, but twice!"

"Exactly. Then you should get rid of anyone who dares challenge you, anyone who matches or exceeds your power. I can help you with that." Claudia said. "You're not from this era, but you are no where close to the age my makers are. We can't have that can we?"

"I am older than most, but you are right. I would like more power. I can acquire that with drinking their blood. Is that what you're getting at?"

Claudia shook her head. Veronica was finally getting the idea. The room was tense as Rachel lit up another cigarette, blowing smoke across the room.
"Who is this vampire we saw last night?

"I will tell you if you give me a chance."

"Smart girl. Ok, you can stay."

"What? Are you kidding me?" Rachel blurted out slamming her glass down. "You buying this sh*?"

"Watch your language and prepare a room for Claudia!" Veronica roared.
Both Claudia and Rachel watched her disappear out of sight into the living room, both feeling completely stunned. Rachel puffed at her cigarette angrily saying nothing for quite some time.
"Well get to work Rachel. We don't have all night." Claudia said breaking the silence and smiling a devilish smile.

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