Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy this weekend

Sorry for not posting the next chapter of my story this weekend. Been just really lazy and interested in other things. I decided to change something also with the latest chapter and save what I did write for the chapter after that, so I gotta rewrite some stuff. I'm done my comp pic for Our Song, so now I can concentrate on the story. I do have one other picture, but that shouldn't take me long.

When I get scores for the new comp, I will post my pic and scores. I did my picture over at least 4 times. The last picture end up being totally different from the original idea. I really like it, but I'm still a little nervous about it. Wish me good luck.

Check it out here if you wanted take a peek,
And yes, I'm the odd ball with 2 guys. Pay no attention. lol >_<

P.D. Off topic, but my DS is finally dying. Won't keep a charge at less it's plugged up. :/ The 3DS is next I guess.


  1. Hmm...I have the original DS and I keep seeing batteries for DS Lite. :/

  2. I may look online for a battery.

    I did want the new harvest moon on 3DS, but that's only game I want besides Zelda. I notice the lack of games so far. D:

    Anyway, thanks Dark ^_^

  3. Personally I'd wait on getting a 3DS if I were you, Nintendo already lowered the price quite significantly and there just aren't the games out for it at the moment. If you can get a preowned DS for much much less I'd go with that. I have a 3DS and the only thing I've played on it is Zelda.

  4. Or you could look online and see if you could find a new DS battery, assuming that's the only thing wrong with it.


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