Friday, October 14, 2011

Will this game ever be glitch/problem free? (yes another small rant)

I'm so tired of delete this, reinstall this, do steps 1-10, update this and update that. I'm beginning see why people give up on Sims 3. I don't think a game should require you to become computer genius just to play it. I'm beginning to lose hope this game will ever be fixed. Pets will probably just pile on more problems.

On going problems I'm having:
-Invisible sims after playing a save file for awhile
-a "serious error has occured" message popping up after loading. When playing a save file for awhile, it almost always pops up when loading the game.
-using the backup file as a fix makes the save file unplayable as it saids I'm missing the ep for it when clicking on it

Today new issues
-After loading my household/save file, my sim got out the shower and appeared to look weird. I zoomed out and it wouldn't zoom back in.
-My whole household bin was wiped out after the above
-One of my teen sims appeared to be bald now (happened before)

I'm going probably end up uninstalling and restalling the whole game over again. I'm so freaking piss, because I only had 6 days till my teen sims would become YAs. I may try again, but it seems like the more I play a save, the more messed up it becomes.

If I find Sims 2 game, I may install the base game and see how that works out.

P.S. I think having a cold isnt helping with my fustration either. I just needed to rant some where tho. >_>


  1. ~ I understand all too well,I have started to turn of Origin,before playing as it is causing my game to freeze,& then I have to reset my PC,since turning it off a lot of little annoying Glitches have disappeared!Like getting the error message on saving, &  game freezing on sending a memory to EA,lots disappearing until you are in the lot,& a lot of other things,to many to mention,but since turning it off I play until I quit!Like a game should be played!
    ~ I hope your cold gets better & you find some peace playing your Sims!(",)

  2. Aw thank you Cat! I really just wanted relax and play sims, so I'm thinking Sims 2 may help a bit till Sims 3 starts working for me again. I know where it is, but I just need energy to dig and find it. In my closet or basement somewhere. I took cold medicine, so I should be better soon tho. :)

  3. I understand your frustration vid and the need to rant.
    IMHO, the game is not going to improve. EA doesn't seem to want to fix it. Maybe they can't. I can only imagine what Pets will be like.
      Hope you find your Sims 2 and get rid of this cold real fast.


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