Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pets: Roxie you're here!

Update: I didn't know it was a advance mode for CAS and pets. Going totally do her over and maybe make my simself over too. <3
Roxie <3 Not exact, but kinda how she looks when she comes from the groomer.

Huh? Is that you Roxie?

Oh my gosh how did you get here in the game with me?! Wow you got smaller!
Roxie thoughts: Pink hair?!
Tummy rub!
I haven't been able to hold her like that since she was a puppy. Bwhahaha I might pull something if I tried in real life. Gotta use both arms now. xD
Random horse ran by my house! 0_0 Awesome!

 I wish they had a medium option. Could of swore I didn't see one. More later!

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