Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hello! Just stopping by...

I've been kinda busy these two days. I did check in on a few things on my cell phone, but not everything can be done on a cell phone you know? I wish. >_<

Anyway, I haven't played my game since the other day. I need test some of the cc I fixed (thanks Wibs) and see if the pose box works with pets. I hear that it suppose to work and I wouldn't mind using it for a picture. Other than that, I will probably get back to playing pets and checking out the features I haven't got to yet. I'm also (very soon) going get back to my story and maybe add a new character into it. :P I have yet test that save game out, but I'm not too worried.

Just a little update on what simming stuff I'm going be up too.

P.S. Halloween is monday? Hmm...I was going do paintings, but I may do something else. We'll see.

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