Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bad luck with gaming these days..

I'm actually kinda pissed that my game (Sims) decided to freeze again today for no f'ing reason. I'm so tired of crashing, freezing, and glitches. This game makes me want pull my hair out some days. Honestly it's been awhile since I actually sat down and played it, because I'm so sick of sims being invisible! Really takes fun out of it when your sims egg the neighbor's house and the neighbor is actually invisible. Then Pets is coming out in a few days. I imagine it will have some f'ed  up patch that won't fix a damn thing!

Now my nintendo DS needs a battery. I have original one, so finding a battery for it appears be a lost cause. I even emailed nintendo and they told me they wouldn't be getting any batteries in for it. Basically said upgrade. I don't mind, but I won't be able to do it till Xmas. Lovely how it needs a battery after ordering the game I've been wanting for a year now!!! So now I must sit next to a outlet just to play it. >_>

Story delayed yet again till figure out what causing the freezing. I'm thinking about wiping out my cc folder and just starting over.


  1. Yeah, I may reinstall and start off fresh. I found installing new eps seem to clear up any issues with patches, but if pets doesn't fix anything I will start over.

  2. I bet pets just adds more problems. I know I'm just angry right now, but I'm so thinking about giving up on it. *sigh*

    Comp pics and just pics appear to be only thing I will be doing as playing is too fustrating.

  3. I'm sympathising. Nothing more frustrating than a crashing sims game apart from maybe a DS battery that is unavailable. This happened to me recently, I ended up taking out all my mod files and downloading them all again incase I'd missed any updates. Hope that helps somewhat.
    Yoteamo ;)

  4. Aww vid, I'm sorry you're having these game problems. I hope you can figure out why it's crashing. This games issues have gone beyond rediculous. I'm at the moment playing without mods and will not have them back until Twallan updates for Pets. It's not been pretty.

  5. I absolutely hate when it crashes while you're doing something. I was making a sim when it crashed on me. I actually wanted play the game itself, but I'm afraid it might crash or freeze again. :/

  6. Sims 3 crashed the other day when I was in a game I hadn't even played (was in edit town).  I'd been messing around with the military base in SV for about an hour and was almost finished when it went "sorry Sims 3 has to close".  Grrr! 


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