Monday, October 24, 2011

Appaloosa must have a high crime rate in my game

I have only one or two burgular visted my house before and that was awhile ago. Now it seems I'm having burglars visit me on occassion. Well 2, but 2 in a row!
My first household with Roxie. She was guarding the house and did nothing!
Stole my toilet.
The 2nd household and save file
Dog did nothing again!
My sim woke up, but she wouldn't even go fight him. Clicked on him and got nothing. 2 men in the house, 1 of them with the brave trait, and they did nothing. Slept through it actually. 
So instead of sitting around this time, I called the police. 
 And she lost. Burglar got away again. -_-
It's actually quite funny, but then I'm worried that the burglar thing is glicthed now. Dogs see the burglars, but do nothing and my sims won't or can't fight them like before. Really weird. I also just found it odd that I wasn't getting any burglars at first and I got two in the few days pets was installed. lol Appaloosa needs a better police force. xD

P.S. The 2nd burglar stole flowers I think. They have horrible burglars also it seems.


  1. Haha I love how they fix one thing and break another. Fail. I figure that had to be a glitch. >_>

  2. I started a new game once and my sim's house was hit by a meteor as she was moving in. 

  3. @Wibs and AE
    lol I don't mind them really. Whenever they steal something, I just replace it or don't save.

    Anyway, the daylight robberies aren't new. My first burgular came in the broad daylight. xD And that was with just the base game.

  4. Oooo I want a meteor! :0 I have yet to get one. Now that I've said that I will probably  get one and it will kill a sim I want. I still want one tho. xD

    So EA finally fix that. Took them long enough. Hopefully they didn't go over board with it.

  5. Aw, but I like watching the police fight them. lol As long as they keep stealing lame stuff, I don't mind.  ;)

  6. WOW. I've never had one come in broad daylight either. 0_o

  7. There's supposedly a "guard house" command that isn't working properly. I think I've seen two burglars in the whole time I've played. Maybe enough people said they hadn't seen a burglar so EA decided to "fix" it. 

  8. I've never had a burglar come in broad day light. Is that new? They only come in the middle of the night in my game. I just reset the burglars. When I hear the music, I pause the game and reset them. Same with repo man. lol.

  9. i think they may have upped the chance of things like that happening. in the 2 days since ive been playing my legacy family again, they have already been robbed, had their house catch on fire TWICE, AND a meteor almost squished my unicorn!
    ive never gotten a meteor before btw. was quite thriling, teehee

  10. lol ^.^ Just keep testingcheatsenabled on and shift+click them and use the 'delete object' action whenever you get one. That's what I usually do xD


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