Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been playing pets all day: Pic Spam!

My new family and current household. Vivian Green, her dad and Sam West (her love interest). I remodeled the sunflower house in Appaloosa and added a 2nd floor for bedrooms. Didn't do too bad. :)

Dog name is Buddy by the way. Golden Retriever.
My first raccoon.
Buddy got fleas after chasing after the raccoon, but he got a bath.
Pretty stray cat, but I couldn't get it to come inside. :(
Adopted a foal/horsey! It's so pretty. His name is Indigo. ^_^
Aha, got a giggle when Indigo ruined the romantic moment.
Cute ^_^
After his ice cream, he found a turtle.
He took it home, but then he sold for $89 and got another one.
7 days till my horse grows up. I'm having a lot of fun with pets so far. I had one freeze while playing, but didn't lose alot. Game working ok so far. *knocks on wood*


  1. Thanks. I know. It's really great ep and the game is starting to fill a little fuller now. I love the bathing interraction. Too bad babies can't be bathed still, which is kinda odd. lol

    My game is doing ok actually. I keep waiting for something to go wrong and it's running smoothly so far. :D Hope you're game working good also. ^_^

  2. I used the phone to adopt and got one. Try the phone or the paper. I have yet to see a unicorn.

  3. Thank you. I may move my sims closer into town soon. I had my sim walk to the park with her dog and it took them all day. 0_0

  4. great pics vid, it's such a great ep isnt it. Hope you're not having any more troubles with your game? I love that you can bathe the dog :D

  5. Thanks. :)

    Wow your sim is going be busy it seems. xD

  6. aww a foal! i havent seen one yet. the one time i went to the horse place to adopt one, they didnt have any. im still working on getting a dog or cat, still havent got one! im thiiiis close to that unicorn tho >:)

  7. My first" Pets" Sim and her cat lived in that house. That was the game I started before the Mods were updated. I deleted that game and started a new one. I put them in a house closer to the cat park & added a second cat.
     You did a nice job adding the second floor.

  8. Coyadre!!! *glomps* OMG, I loved that house. That's funny we pick the same one. xD I almost got a cat too, but then I want have more room for my horses and hopefully kids soon. I should of got a snake. My guy probably doesn't need one since the turtles keep bitting him. xD

    I saw your pic spam right after I posted tho. Looks like you're having fun as well. :D 

  9. You did good on the house, Vid! 

    I've started playing with an all new sim. I've turned aging off so I can up some of her skills (her LTW is Rock Star, so I have her play guitar, but I'm also going to start her on Fishing and Gardening so she can grow her own food and such, and I think I'll have her learn Mixology and maybe Chemistry), then I might have her adopt a wild horse or something. Not sure what pet I want to add for her. ^_^

  10. Hey your sims live in the same house my sims live in! And you have a dog and a horse like mine do, and even one of the secondary pets :P (I went with the python though)

    Your pets are adorable nonetheless!


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