Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tidying up...

I deleted some blogs off my blog list, but don't worry. I only deleted blogs who literally haven't updated in a year. Like it said 1 year ago underneath them, so the rest of the blogs are safe.

 I want do some more tweaking to this blog, but I'm not sure what else to do. I get easily bored with designs and such. If you have any ideas and suggestions let me know. I'm going try getting back to updating regularly again. I've been kinda busy in a way and in a way taking a small break. Don't worry once I get back into it, it will be updating more. ^_^

P.S. I will try get the next chapter of my story up next weekend. Maybe for Halloween I will do a special chapter/extra for it. Hmmm...will think about it.


  1. Maybe something with light green or aqua blue?

  2. Hi Tiny! :)

    Hmnm...I did want to brighten it up a bit. One of these days I will find a really good template that won't be blinding, but not too dark.

    It's been really quiet and boring these days. Not much to talk about, but I'll get back to work. lol ;P

  3. I know the feeling :)  Um...maybe you could have some more colour? It's mostly black and pink at the moment, so may you could add...purple? I don't know :) i'm not very good at designs :)
    Don't worry, you update way more regularly than I do! ^_^


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