Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey there folks!

I'm still here. :) I've been playing my nintendo ds and trying to finish the game I brought the other day. I'm almost done. Remember this post here? Well I finally ordered the sequel to Hotel Dusk and got it in the mail yesterday! From the UK (I guess or made originally for there), sent to me from Hong Kong. LOL I never imagine a game could travel so much. xD

This almost makes up for the big dissapointment I suffer with Ace Attorney. After that I told myself I had to get at least one of the games I've been wanting forever now. I'm really excited to play it, but I do want to finish the other game (999). It has alternate endings, which have been quite entertaining.

As for sims, I did start the next chapter of Eternity of the Damned and I've been lurking. I think I'm mostly waiting on pets now to be honest. I'm kinda too tired to post anything else, so laterz.


  1. Ugh maths, I'll pass. That's the reason why I don't play Professor Layton either XD

  2. I just finish 999 and it was alright. Some of the puzzles were hard and require real math, which was kinda a pain. The math parts were not my favorite. The story started to not make any sense also. The true ending will make you say wtf. It was ok, but it could of been better. You're not missing much.

    I just started the Hotel Dusk sequel. Didn't get to play much, but it looks really cool. :)

  3. Hotel Dusk is a fantastic game though I personally found myself pulling my hair out at certain parts because of the lack of direction from the game. 999 sounds great too but I don't think it's out here yet and I can't be bothered importing it XD


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