Sunday, September 11, 2011

Epic!!!! The Mares have done it again!
I can't even find a picture that describe how f'ing great this is!

The site:
Have fun chatting it up with her.

Update: Like Booky said, don't use the email in the screenie.


  1. I wonder if EA will do anything. Hopefully.

  2. Mare's did everything but drop him off on EA's doorstep with a bow on his head.  For ONCE I hope they do the right thing.  Parents can ignore a lot of crap about their kids but I doubt even the most foolish would disregard a nice, certified letter from EA's Legal Department.   ^_^

  3. I'm laughing so much, but I don't want to spam your comments with as many paragraphs of laughter as it would take to express my joy at this wondrous moment. I'm so fucking happy right now LOL

  4. LOL Hey Archivist! :D I know my title was much longer in draft with all the bwhahahaha.., but I took it out. It makes me wanted party. but till I'm sure he's gone for good I'll hold up. But still ahahahahahahaha! Win! :P

  5. How can you not love the Mare?
    Great job again.


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