Saturday, September 3, 2011

Am I the only one who is a picture hoarder?

I just deleted at least 100 pictures in my launcher! Dead serious! I was like WTF! I don't know why I kept or needed all those pictures. I think when it comes to my computer I have hard time deleting things. Am I the only one who keeps 1000's pictures in the launcher no matter how dumb or useless they are? I still kept a lot.

I think I have every competition picture I ever done almost. I may post a before and after of competition pictures I've done. You will be surprise how I will start off with one picture and come up with another. Yea got them too! O_O


  1. lol So I'm not alone. I think have alittle more than 5000. I know my photobucket is full of all kind things. I'm not going even try clearing that out. Now that I've deleted them, my lanucher has them all out of order. Another one of EA's surprises. >_>

  2. I have over 6000 screenshots (6239 to be exact).
    I'm not planning to delete them anytime soon XP
    <3 Dana

  3. I had over 2000 in my screenshots folder, which is why I had to take a bit of a break to tag all of them.    And I love them all.

  4. im a serious picture horder. but i try to clear off my machine when i can. i have TWO phoitobuckts i have so much crap lol. most are gifs, but MOST are sims pics

  5. I'm at 979 right now xD I haven't deleted a single one. I still have shots from my (failed) Hunger Games Collab Legacy.

  6. I have over 1000......


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