Friday, September 2, 2011

Sorry guys, was busy!

I haven't really got to be online a lot this week. It's nice to actually sit down and not have to do anything. I think I'm free for weekend. Not sure since it is the weekend and summer nearing the end. I plan on shopping some more and going to the state fair this year real soon, so we'll see. Then I've been worried about Roxie, my dog. So far she is doing better. She had a respiratory infection and this is the 2nd time she's had it. We finish giving her pills for it, which I hated doing. She awful with taking pills! Anyway, she was still coughing a little, but today I haven't heard her cough at all yet. *knocks on wood* Plan on running her to the big vet here if she starts back up with that again. Don't wanted go for a 3rd time, that's for sure.

Well this weekend maybe I will actually finish the sims I was making. I also wanted play my game and get back to my story. Will try get the next chapter up this week or next weekend. The week went by so fast and didn't even realize the weekend was already here till today. Friday already? Geez! 0_o

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