Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In a much better mood tonight...

I'm in a really great mood right now! I just took most amazing competition picture. I might share, but I'm going keep under wraps for now. Nothing like a good comp picture to make you feel good. ^_^

Now I think I will work on the story. I have nothing I have do, so I guess I'll work on that. I was really stressed out yesterday and this morning, but I feeling a little better now. Will keep you updated on my dog. Thanks for the really sweet comments. I really appreciate it. <3

Speaking of my dog, she is harassing me as I type this. She keeps licking my foot. >_<


  1. lol I think she wanted me to play with her ball last night. She was at least lively then. xD

    It is. :( She didn't cough today so far, so that's a plus. *knock on wood*

  2. Glad she's up to...foot licking.  Seems like a rough month for pets. :/


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