Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last night TV time...

Well with drastic weather change here (hot to now cold), I caught a bit of a cold and just decided to take a break from simming world. Didn't have the energy or want to turn on my pc at all yesterday. So I decided to rest and tune in to all the premieres last night. I watched part of Dancing with the Stars, most of Two and the half men, and all of Charlie Sheen's Roast.

So Dancing with the Stars was meh. I don't like the new cast really. I call it Dancing with the nobodies this season as Nancy Grace and David Arquette are the only one who are consider stars really. Now I do know Carson Kressley and I've heard of Ron Artest, but neither to me are huge stars. The rest are nobodies and people who they dug up from the past. Was not excited to watch. I'm not going even talk about you know who, as this seasons appears to be about them and it's a touchy subject. I can't see me watching this season all that much for that and just the simple fact I don't know most of them. Ron Artest may get the Master P award this season. He looks like a wannabe Denis Rodman walking across the dance floor. I do feel for his daughter though. Trashdashian and his whorish sisters are probably going be annoying. The big one already using her huge mouth to yell out at the judges. Can't stand them. I only watched part of it, so I'll give it one more time before I stop watching.

*Contains spoilers*
Two and the half me was not the same. Hated it! I've been watching reruns with Charlie and I enjoyed it. When I saw Ashton was going take his place, I was like this isn't going work. It did not work for me and I was glad it was only 30 mins. The idea of working the new character was stupid. The jokes were predictable. Ashton acting was odd at times and the fake cry in the bar was so freaking fake! The non-caring vibe about Charlie's character's death was tasteless and weird. Yes the character was a a-hole, but his own family acting casual (even doing and after the funeral) made them seem cruel. Alan even vaccumed Charlie's ashes after spilling the whole thing (predicatable) at one point of the show. Like geez, he wasn't that bad and he was supporting you! Defnitely can tell where the writers mind's were at. I just didn't enjoy it and felt they only picked Ashton for his looks. By the end of it he was walking naked in Charlie/ Alan' s house FFS. Alan doesn't know him at all and no normal man would just let a stranger hang out in their house! No normal person would be ok with stranger walking around naked no matter how hung or good looking he is. To me he looks like a caveman and the jokes about how great he look, was lame.

The whole thing to me made no sense! A young billionaire wouldn't buy Charlie's house or want hang out a mid-aged man and his son. The writer's just really screwed up. I will be surprise if it last long.

*May contain one spoiler*
Charlie's Roast was ok. I've seen better roast. The people to chose were kinda odd. Mike Tyson roasting someone? I could barely understand him. I like him, but I wish I knew what he was saying. Another was Steve O. Why? I don't dislike him, but I thought he was a strange choice. Then he ran into Mike Tyson fist and broke his nose like a idiot. It's shocking that's he still sober and still wants to do that stuff. Overall Jeff Ross was the best as always. William Shatner was funny too. They could used more of the regulars though and better stars. I will say Charlie looked good and I'm happy to see he's back.

Now I'm done! I have pet peeve with how shows are writen these days and I had to say somthing. I also watched all these things, so why now ramble on about it. This is just my opinion. Hope everyone last night enjoyed one of the show premieres. I sound so negative in my reviews. xD


  1. That's very disappointing... I honestly like Charlie Sheen. He doesn't deserve to be shat on like this... sure, he's self-obsessed and a little excentric (many would say complete batshit lol) but he doesn't deserve this. It's sad. And I HATE Ashton Cutcher. Dunno why. I love Alan in the show, and Berta, and Rose. But it won't be the same without Charlie. He was a very powerful character and actor... he will be missed.

  2. I still don't see how anything naughty is being done to Charlie Sheen. They killed off his character, and jabbed fun at him throughout the episode. That's not hurting Charlie Sheen. I don't think Charlie Sheen cares too much, or we would have heard something about it from him by now. I didn't see the creators of the show holding a knife at his throat the way he did to his ex's, or scaring the bejeezus out of him like he did to a prostitute. Nothing naughty was done to Charlie Sheen. To Charlie Harper? Yeah, but he's a fictional character. I just find it hard to understand what people are so upset about.

    If veteran watchers no longer watch the show, then that's Chuck Lorre's problem. There's plenty out there to watch, especially with all these new shows starting up.

  3. Veteran watchers of the show won't keep watching it because of the way Charlie was treated. And just because Charlie did something 'naughty' doesn't mean it's right to do 'naughty' things back to him lol XD

  4. Well I guess I'm the only one in disagreement here. I don't watch Two and a Half Men, but I caught the new premiere out of curiosity. I think it was fitting how they treated Charlie's character, mostly because of how Charlie Sheen treated Jon Cryer. He didn't do all that much to his boss. He basically told his boss to "fuck off" in a way, but what he did to Jon Cryer was ridiculous. Ashton wasn't too bad. I'm sure to those who have watched for a good amount of time, it was different, etc. etc.

    I don't feel sorry for Charlie Sheen one bit. Besides, it's a show. A show's a show, and Hollywood is going to be Hollywood.

    I'm not watching DWTS this season. The show's quickly becoming a joke. I don't mind Chaz Bono, who he is, what he does or anything like that. I just mind people who are going to use votes as debates over the issue, just like they did with Bristol Palin. And the show's producers, knowing how much drama that will create, also know it'll increase ratings for them. It's pathetic.

  5. I agree... I REALLY don't like Alan's character being cast like that. I bet the actor had a sick feeling in his gut doing that...
    And Ashton... yes, agreed also.
    I wish they'd at least had a nice send off for Charlie... made it funny in a nice way, you know? It just shows they have no imagination without him.

  6. I like Charlie Sheen also. Despite his demons, he is a very good actor and he added so much to that show.

    The way they just walked all over his ashes after Alan spilled them was so disrepectful to that character. THEN Alan was like "oh well I'll vacaumn them with the dust buster later." Like really?! His own brother who him let freeload and he's treating his ashes like trash. That part hit a nerve. The funeral was kinda werid too like that with the exs yelling out std jokes and that was even a bit much. They showed no remorse at all in the entire show.

    As for Ashton, I'm not a fan of him either. I use to when he was younger and the whole dumb pretty boy thing worked for him, but now he's too old for that. It seems like he can't do anything else and when he tried it was awkward.

    It was extremely dissapointing and hard to watch to me. They should of ended it or work with the cast they had.


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