Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My birthday is coming...0_o

It's next Tuesday actually. July 12th to be exact. I will be 22! I don't really have a clue what I want. Some games maybe that I've been wanting for awhile. Oh my father is suppose be buying me a new cell phone! :D Other than that I can't think of any new games I want. There's one, but I have to order it online. It's only available to Europe right now. Been waiting for more than a year now for it and I'm really thinking about ordering it. It's in English as the UK got it. I definitely wouldn't buy if it wasn't. xD Mare think you can send me one? lol ;P Kidding.

Anyway, the game is the sequel to Hotel Dusk on the DS. The game is freaking amazing and unique. I'm not big on playing games over, but I played this 3 times as it was that good. I thought they might bring out this year, but something happen to the company that produces it here.

I don't like ordering things from online. I brought a cell phone off amazon and the thing starting falling apart as soon as I got it. I really want this though. Is this site safe to order from?

As for going out for my birthday, I may and may not. Knowing my father he will drag me somewhere to celebrate.

Lastly, do not gift my vidkid20 or vidkid21 accounts!!!! You do not have to gift me at all, but if you have too pm me. I'll work something out, but I'm really not looking for gifts. Leaving me a comment is good enough. :D


  1. Oooo ok. I want it really bad and I don't think it will ever show up here. :/  I'm determined to get so ordering may be the best. And thanks. ^_^

  2. Happy early Birthday VK- hope you enjoy it.  I have had good luck with ordering internationally with Amazon, so you might give it a try for that Hotel Dusk game from the UK.

  3. Happy Early Birthday,  Vid! :)

  4. Aw thank you guys. ^_^

  5. Happy Early Birthday!



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