Friday, July 22, 2011

Paco! Take this gif! Wazzup!!!

*swoops in like a ninja* Sorry Paco, was working on my special project I told you about and it got so late. Ugh. The war continues! Take this gif! Wazzup!!! From scary movies! It's a classic!


  1. WAZZUP?! I actually saw Scary Movie when I was like 11. I know it was a rather young age, but I was able to handle it. :P Though my dad did have me fast-forward past some certain scenes, which is probably self-explanatory. I basically thought it was a stupid movie minus some good parts (like the part at the beginning with Carmen Electra, the part where he was calling the main girl on his cell phone while hiding behind the couch, and the Matrix-style fight scene).

  2. lololol :D
    Funneh ^_^
    I especially like the scream..though it might give me nightmares lol


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