Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy! Hi everybody!!!

I just came back from my cousin's boring baby shower. They had some lame games and was handing out the most useless prizes. I won an cheap looking candle, which I gave away to my Aunt's neighbor. The whole thing was ran by the mother of my cousin's fiance. I honestly have no clue who this guy is, but I really don't see what she sees in him.

Anyway, I'm freaking exhausted. My whole weekend has been do this and do that. First buying a present for the baby shower, then getting my hair done which took half the day, then today with actual baby shower. I honestly miss y'all. I probably missed a boat load of crap.

I may go out tomorrow and shop for my birthday. My father can't get off of work this year, so we have do the shopping stuff tomorrow (his usual off day) and save the rest for the weekend. Other than that I will be extremely happy to just sit here and chill with y'all. Blog, rant, bs, play sims....the usual.


  1. Aaargh! Ma piccies all squiched up *cries*

  2. *Knows the feeling*
    Ugh, I hate lame parties -_- I'm so glad we don't do baby showers where I come from ^_^
    Happy birthday for tomorrow btw :)


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