Saturday, July 30, 2011

I really don't want unicorns! Grrrr!!!! *Pets rant*

I've been holding out hope that EA is playing a joke on me by adding unicorns over werewolves. I know a lot people are excited about it, but I really wanted werewolves. I can't even make myself excited over the fact unicorns will now be running around in my game. The thought of a sparkly white horses with a horns on their heads enrages me. If they sparkle or even create a cute little rainbow around them, unicorns will be dying left and right in my game. I did like unicorns a long time ago, but that was well a long time ago. I can not stand the idea of unicorns frolicking around in my game. Imaginary friends (which I don't mind much...yet) and unicorns. What's next? Faries? I think EA should of just made a fantasy ep for all that stuff and made the creature for pets werewolves. Unicorns are nothing, but horses with horns. So what if it starts fires and heals! How interesting will that be after a few days? I can start a fire without them and heal my sims with a cheat. Agh, seriously EA why do you continue to disappoint me.

End of rant. I'm still getting it, but the unicorns will probably be stupid and girly like. Sucks for the guys if so, but not all girls want unicorns either. I'm one of them. -_-


  1. True! Plenty of expansions packs to go.

    I want weather too. It's one of the 2 expasnion packs I've always wanted for sims 3. Pets is the other.

    Anyway, I do look forward to the pets. Controlling them sounds fun.

  2. Well you never know, you may find yourself with an EP that contains a werewolf. :)

    At this point, I don't give a damn about what's in future EPs, unless the EP is regarding Weather. I can see why some might be upset with Pets, but I never really mess with the fantasy stuff, so with Pets, I'm just interested in getting my sims actual pets. ^_^

    Really hoping Weather comes along at some point. To be honest, I'm sick of seeing the sun every day in my sims game. Granted, I could use that fog I should do that for now XD

  3. Yea. Technically vampires and werewolves are fantasy. I guess they will be kinda like the simbots and imaginary friends. I don't mind little stuff like that, but unicorns just seem so unrealistic and goes a little overboard with fantasy IMO.

    Late night vampires were so freaking lame. I never got to experience werewolves in sims 2, so I can't help but be a little dissapointed over this.

  4. Bah, well in fairness, Werewolves are considered fantasy creatures as well :P

    I agree, a Fantasy EP would be cool, and there is so much that could be included that it's not funny. Magic, fairies, unicorns, werewolves.

    However, to contradict my original statement, Vampires are considered fantasy as well, but I guess they just threw those into Late Night because they were thrown into TS2 Night Life...if I remember right.

  5. Ugh. They probably will. The celeb thing is drivng me nuts as it is. My whole household are celebrities and they barely go out. Like wth. EA....*sigh*

  6. I'm dreading them to be honest. Knowing EA they'll be programmed to start fires autonomously so I'll have that to deal with as well as the celebrity plague.


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