Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wooo so much energy!!!!

*bounces around*
I've been working on stuff all day and gotten so much done! I finished 1 part of a project I was woking on and even worked on my story. I wrote 2 chapters! Not 1, but 2 freaking chapters! I decided to take some advice of my own I gave someone last night. I also got some well needed encouragement, which really helped. ;) I had writers block, but as soon as I started typing it all just came out into 2 freaking chapters!

So tomorrow's plan:
-Finish the 2nd part of my project! (will start early)
-Take pictures in-game for my story!
-Lurk and blog!

And no I did not eat any sweets today or take anything! *runs around room* :P

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