Sunday, July 3, 2011

SR's not so ordinary welcome thread!

Simpletons, you were Mare Nested many times (that sounds dirty). Now be prepared to be Sim laired (not as dirty)! Why not blog about an lively unofficial forums. EA forums are sure dead. Seriously someone needs do CPR over there. lawl Anyway....

SR came in to introduce himself on very much alive Simpletons, but from what he said we should already know him.
Bow down to the amazing SR and throw your loose change at him! You must!

Zeri and Beth almost fainted at the sight of such greatness.
While Hippie got her anmo ready.
No not the unconfortable hug SR!!!!! Anything but that!
Thankfully TPB01 saved us sunnyside up. :P
But then...
Paco the dog? Or the human Paco? Did Paco turn into a dog? Either way it would be fascinating to see! 0_o


  1. My aim is really not that good, I was aiming for Hippie :)

  2. I was waiting for your reaction. ROFL!

  3. Yes, SR has a very 'interesting' mind!  lol   A very creative thinker!

  4. LOL - awesome intro indeed! I've been meaning to sign up there as well, it's where all the cool kids are;)

  5. I just need to say this even though it is random...

    That cat looks like my cat!!! (the noooo one). I know you can't see it's face but it's white and has the same body shape and pink mouth/ears :P



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