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Enternity of the Damned -Chapter 8-

-Chapter 8: Claudia's Night Alone
Claudia sat quietly in the living room watching the clock's hour hand move to 12.

The night was still young. "Neither Louis or Lestat would be back this early," she thought. The name Lestat brought feelings of sorrow and extreme anger as she frowned. Now that they were back with their maker, things had changed between her and Louis. His devotion was now to Lestat and what Lestat wanted to do. They were always tip toeing around her now and sneaking out, so neither would have to face her.
She would find them in deep conversation and the room to grow quiet when she walked in. It was like she was some outcast or some child too young to hear such conversations. For the first time in awhile she felt alone. It frightened and angered her.
She heard the door creak open and looked up at the clock. The hour hand almost on the 2, she found her herself wondering how long had she been sitting there waiting. Lestat and Louis both walked in talking loudly about the mortal cinema they had visited tonight.
"So how was your evening?" Claudia asked coldly watching them both from the stairway. They both looked up almost if they had forgotten about her and the lighthearted mood between them deflated upon seeing her.
"It was quite a eventful night. We went to the new type theaters mortals have these days and saw a movie. Was quite interesting."

"And why wasn't I invited?"

The question to seem bother Louis. He looked over at Lestat who rolled his eyes playfully. He started for the stairs, but Claudia stood in his way. He stared at her with a annoyed expression and went towards the living room only to be stopped by Claudia again with lightning speed. He stepped back and stood by Louis again with his arms crossed.

"Neither of you have answered my question. Why wasn't I invited on such a night?"

"We didn't know we were going. We just happened to be passing the movie theathers after killing a few vagrants near by."
"Just happen to be? So you just happen to leave me here again to fend for myself and sit here alone in this demon's living room." She looked up at Lestat who seem to be off in his own thoughts ignoring her and back at Louis who seem to be completely bothered by where this conversation was going.
She laughed dryly, "You two can have each other." I'll just have to find someone else to protect me."

"So you're leaving?" She looked over at Lestat who seem to suddenly interested now in the conversation. She smiled at him and walked up to him so suddenly he jumped as if she was about to attack.
"No, I'm not giving you that satisfaction just yet. I will leave when I find the perfect companion. I've been looking ever since we came here. I knew that coming back here would be end of Louis's devotion to me. He has always been drawn to you and he never stopped going on about you. I need someone who is stronger. Someone who has the same appetite as mine...."

Lestat laughed interrupting her. He bent over trying to gain his composure. He stood up smirking. "And who is this wondrous vampire who is stronger than us? You met all of them! No vampire would be caught dead...excuse the pun... with a child vampire who is clearly breaking the rules. No one will take care of you, Claudia, you're a hindrance and a walking target. I'm surprise you live this long."
The word cut like a knife as she looked up slightly hurt by his words. Her face quickly twisted in anger and breathed heavily trying to calm herself down. She laughed trying to act if she was amused by Lestat's words.
"You and Louis may be one of the few oldest vampires left, but that doesn't mean you are the strongest. You are weaker than you think. Lestat you can't stand being alone. It almost kills you to be alone. You are always relying on companionship even though you always boast about being so powerful. Louis you are weak minded and afraid of what you are. You may have gotten use to the lifestyle, but you really can't stand what Lestat turn you into so many centuries ago. Both of you are not as powerful as you think. You both have cracks in the armor you both so proudly wear. You both have no clue what the modem vampires think. You are both stuck in the past. Obsessed with rekindling it. The most ultimate weakness between you both. With that I say goodnight gentlemen. Enjoy the rest of you evening."
She calmly stepped away and went up stairs saying not another word. Both Louis and Lestat stood there stunned. Louis looked down feeling angered. "Weak minded? Stuck in the past?" he thought.

Lestat looked over at him with somewhat concerned. He frowned and walked towards the living room doorway. He stopped and spoke, "Don't worry about her. If you were really weak minded as she said, you wouldn't of lasted this long. Hopefully she will find someone or get killed in the process. Stupid little brat."

He went into the living room and began playing the piano, banging amongst the keys angrily. Louis stood stunned as ever from what his maker had said to him. Lestat trying to cheer him up was almost as shocking as Claudia's outburst towards him tonight. He sat down and closed his eyes listening to Lestat's banging of the keys turn into a somber melody. Neither taking Claudia's claims of finding a companion too serious.
Indeed Claudia had been looking. She had left the house every night upon Louis and Lestat's departure. She would sneak into the vampire bars and hangouts the modern vampires now hung at. They would sometimes look at her with disgust while some would look at her with wonder. A vampire child was a rare sight to even them. She would of course come back home without any luck of a decent companion, but tonight she had a glimpse of a hopeful candidate.
A beautiful auburn hair woman in red who already had the gift immorality and who's power was radiant.
"Will she accept me? Did she see me?" she thought thinking back and remembering the beautiful pale woman in red.

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