Saturday, July 23, 2011

I really can't believe Amy Winehouse is dead! RIP :(

We all know she was a addict, but I never imagined she would be dead and at the age 27 of all things! OMG! My grandmother told me she heard it on the radio and I just kept saying "what, are you sure", because I just didn't imagine this would happen. I always thought maybe she would get clean and recover her career. I was literally waiting for her to come back and be at her best again.

I had even made a Amy Wineshouse sim awhile back. Was one of my first celeb sims.
It still hasn't quite sunk in yet for me. I listened to her songs on my ipod, it just made me more sad and bitter. So young. Such a waste of talent gone at 27. RIP Amy Winehouse. 

Also people who keep making jokes about it, really need to shut up and get some help. A wasted life is not funny. Addiction is a scary and sad thing. Yet another one gone too soon. :(

P.S. I fixed the mediafire link on my customs blog. I honsetly don't think I'll be using her in the game. Too sad.


  1. Exceptionally creative people are often times tortured souls as witnessed by Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendricks, Jim Morrison, etc.  They do not handle fame well!  In a sea of fans, they still feel alone!   It is a shame about Amy....she wasn't the first and she won't be the last!   RIP Amy Winehouse!

  2. My goodness, I was just as shocked. I am a huge fan of Amy Winehouse, have been for years. I never gave up faith in her; hoping one day it would click and she'd go back to her old self. No such luck though. I feel incredibly bad for her family and friends. She had a lot of issues but she was funny, witty, and seemed like a really nice lady. I'll never ever forget her as long as I live. She had an amazing talent and was an inspiration to me.

  3. I know! The poor thing :( My cousin used to be an addict but now he's over it and I'm glad, it's never good to hear that someone died - young or old, addict or no.

  4. Thank you AE.

    Yeah, I'm not really shock by how she may have died, but more with the fact that it actually came to this and her age. She look awful and near death when I saw some of the tabloids on her, but recently I thought she was getting better. She looked healthier and she was going to rehab. I guess she either went back to it or her body just gave out. Such a waste.

    It is a bit scary she is near your age and I'm only a few years younger than her. Just goes to show you death definitely doesnt have an age limit.

    I really do hope it does send a message to people with addiction problems. Some people will probably still won't listen, but hopefully at least one person will get a wakeup call from this.

  5. Neither, though like AE said I hope it sends a wake up call to many users, or even just one. With stars we always think they're infallible and invincible. 

  6. Loss of life is always sad, even if in this case, it was fairly predictable and expected.

    She's been a wreck for so long, and it's a shame to see her pass at such a young age. I mean, I'm only a year younger than her, and it's really scary when you see someone your age die. Too young, much too young, and it's saddening.

    I didn't really listen to her music, didn't really follow her career or life, but it's saddening all the same, that a life can be snuffed out so young.

    I really hope if anything, that this sends a wake-up call to those who abuse drugs and alcohol and think that because they are under 30, they are invincible. None of us are.

    You did a good job making her, Viddie


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