Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm still here *sneezes*

I would of updated today, but I have a slight cold and not much energy. I did update my other blogs, but all I had do was copy and paste. Plus the forums seems to be about the new magic items in the store now. Not really interested myself.

By the way, I've notice a lot people have visiting lately and I <3 you all! Seriously.

I will pull myself away from Harvest Moon and my pile of tissues tomorrow to update hopefully. It's not a extremely bad cold, so I should be even better tomorrow.

OT alert: Speaking of Harvest Moon, I started playing it again and got back into it. I have 3 cows, 3 chickens, and a sheep. I named my recent chicken KFC. xD I know I'm horrible, but I can't resist giving them food names. My first cow was named eggnog and I have another one called butter. I have to think of more food names. ;) Oh and now I have a dog who herds them. I <3 Harvest Moon. Such a cute laid back game. ^_^

P.S. Blogger has finally stopped logging me out after unchecking the "stayed signed in" thingy. If your having problems commenting on some blogs, uncheck that!

Edit: I changed the time on this as I meant to post this earlier. >_<


  1. Harvest Moon Bazaar on the DS. Kinda different from the regular one. Have to sell your stuff at a bazaar every saturday and reach the goal they set for you. It was slow at first, but it picks up when you get some money and buy animals. You can also sell crops like the other ones, but you make more money cooking your crops and what the animals give you (eggs, milk, etc).  I never meet goals by the way. It's not easy. On my 2nd year. >_< You don't have to meet them, but it would give you more stuff to buy.

  2. Harvest Moon is so addictive. I haven't played one since the N64 version but it was always such a cute little game. I used to spend absolutely hours on it.

    Which one are you playing?

  3. An awesome farm game thats oddly addicting. :P It's on the nintendo ds and a few other systems.

    And hi Bluebell. Still sneezing, but I'm better. ^_^

  4. Aww, hope you feel better soon Vid. What is this Harvest Moon you speak of? Off to google it :)

  5. Awww...Harvest Moon was on our to buy list, but then our DS went missing.   Looked super cute.

    Also, I think KFC is a fine name!   I used to be a vegetarian, until my parents started to raise chickens.   Theirs are treasured and spoiled pets.  Instead of convincing me that being vegetarian was right it convinced me that chickens should be stew.

  6. Aw, the DS might of went down now with the 3DS out. I hate losing stuff like that. The game is extremely addicting and cute tho. ^_^

    And LOL I was actually going name it popeyes (another resturant), but I ran out of space.

    I thought about being a vegetarian once, but I can't live without seafood and chicken. Oh and chili dogs. *drools* :P

  7. Hey Darkling! I'm  much better today. :P

    I know it looks like a kiddie game. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be all that good when I first brought it on gameboy so many years ago. Defenitely wasn't expecting it to be so addicting. It is like crack. I'll probably buy another one soon.

    Oh and it does have sheep. I will name one Mint and another jelly for you since it won't let me put long names in with this one. ;)

  8. Sorry to hear you were feeling "ick."  Hopefully, you're better today.  ^_^
    And, yes, Harvest Moon is like crack.  My sister started playing the series years ago and when I first saw her I was like "What are you doing?!  This looks like it was made for pre-schoolers!"

    *three hours later*

    "OMG, hurry up and water the crops before they wilt!  And don't  forget to bring the cows in for the night!" I totally took over her game!  I'm the worst back-seat gamer evar.  ^_^

    If the version you're playing lets you raise sheep, name one Mint Jelly!  ^_~


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