Friday, July 29, 2011

Innuendo/originalbadboy is back! *sigh*

After lurking in General for something to read, I came upon this thread.
UAT? Under arm team? Uber attention trolls? No, nevermind. Unicorns. Right.

Mark you say?

Basically told on him, but they are many Marks in the world. Want more proof?

Usually a noob would be resgistered with the base game, not a stuff pack. I should know. Notice it's the newest one, which proves the member was in need of a code. Also look how many friends and comments he has. No noob would have so many in such a short time. Need one more peice of evidence?

Both from England. Account made today. Welcome back Innuendo! Meh, not really. Time will tell if he will actually act like a mature and decent member of the community. Hopefully he has learned his lesson. With all the spamming, attention whoring, and rude behavior, he's got a lot of making up to do.


  1. If you need any more proof, his name on Simpure Thoughts is KingOfTheNight.

    He's the main reason that I'm not even bothering with the Officials anymore. When will he realize that nobody really enjoys his company, beyond his little spambot group?

  2. Noticed that earlier, wasn't sure though, however I had a feeling. Maddie's also spamming GD right now. This little clique is really starting to get on my nerves, just by their evident immaturity. They just look like idiots, it isn't even good trolling, lol. 

    I always had a feeling Innuendo would return, he's had a strop and left so many times before, everytime resulting in him always coming back with a new sob story to use for excusing his behaviour.

    I doubt he's changed.  He's just getting boring to be honest. I certainly hope he has changed, and will act mature on the forums, however I have my doubts, especially seeing as it seems to be him, "Brad", Maddie and MikTiger behind the current spamming on the boards, or at least that's what it looks like. Most likely "revenge" for them being banned or something. I don't even see the point to it, but...whatever. Just as forums were starting to become enjoyable again. *sigh*

  3. Urgh, just when GD seemed to be calming down again, apart from that maddie idiot.


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