Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Odd Couple Assignment 2 Pic + Scores

1st again! Not my best pic though.

Arnie + Maggie by Pink - 59/60
Arnie was always shy. Even as a kid you could find him sitting alone reading a book or off day dreaming somewhere during recess. It got to a point where he just didn't relate to the other kids and he felt completely alone. Well one day a new kid arrived. Her name was Maggie and she was a bit different too. When all the other girls wanted to play with their barbie dolls or talk about girl things, you could find Maggie playing in the dirt. She was your typical tom boy. Her clothes never matched and she loved playing with the boys. They began calling her the "weird girl" as time went on. Then one day after being turned away even by the boys in her class, she decided to say hello to the "nerd boy". She had never really notice him before, but barely anyone notice him when he wasn't rasing his hand in class.

"Hi my name is Maggie. What's yours?"

"Umm..Arnie. Hi."

"Hi Arnie. Are those ants you're looking at?

"Yeah why?"

"I love bugs! Can I play with you?"

"Huh? A girl who likes bugs? Weird," he would think at the time.

"Um sure..."
It would be a decision that would change his life forever. If only he knew the girl he even called weird would be the love of his life.

Creativity: 5/5
Relates to Assignment: 5/5
Execution: 5/5
Story: 5/5
Overall: 10/10

Creativity: 5/5
Relates to Assignment: 5/5
Execution: 4.5/5
Story: 5/5
Overall: 9.5/10
I know you'd mentioned feeling limited because of the lack of kids poses, but I really can't tell; your couple and all your extras look great! Your story is SO stinkin' adorable, and I'm glad you stuck with the idea of them meeting as kids, it's too cute. I don't feel link you nailed this picture quite as well as your last one, though, and it's tough to pinpoint why. I think it's the angle of the shot, if that makes sense. The way the camera is angled pointing down at Arnie, my eyes keep going to the girl standing right behind him. I think if you'd moved Maggie and Arnie a little bit closer to the camera, and the camera a little closer to the ground, it would've made your couple more the focus of the picture. It's a tiny detail, though, and everything else looks perfect!

Totally agree with them! Not as good as last round. I was kinda grasping for an idea and all I can think of was this. If I had more time I might of thought of something better or tweak this idea a bit. Definitely something off about this one. Anyway, I was losing my patience with the camera angle and lighting. I had closer shot too, which I also should of probably used. Oh well. xP

P.S. Do adult poses work for teens? If not we need more teen and kid poses! D:

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