Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yep I did it again and maybe more to come... Updated with banner!

Why? Because all the red was getting on my nerves. Blogger needs to update their stupid backgrounds. Instead of worrying about their butt ugly new interface, get some new backgrounds!!! That is all.

Edit: Ooooo I found a custom background. :D

Edit 2: Yeah now the banner doesn't match. Time for a new one. :)

Edit 3: After being busy all day with scores, I made the banner. A doll theme one with a certain vampire doll in the back. Ohhh and I learned how outline letters!!! ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Hey AE! Yay! I'm glad. :) It was such random thought to change it again, I was scare I might screw up. xD

  2. Loving it. Indeed it is 'The Cutest Blog On The Block'

  3. Aw lol Thank you. You know I can see that little "cutest blog badge" on my phone and google crome, but on IE I don't see it. Sooo it really is there. I really had no clue it was going be a part of the template. xD


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