Thursday, May 10, 2012

I will only buy the Diesel Stuff Pack if....

...the men from this ad or the other smexy ads I've seen deliver it to my house shirtless. *drools and fans self*
In all seriousness check out the forum. Looks like it's real.

So far I haven't seen anything to make me jump out my seat. I will consider it if they add some really good street/realistic clothing and more clothing for guys.

P.S. Guess that KP Stuff pack didn't go over so well. xP


  1. will Vin Diesel be in it? cause id sure like to have HIM *drool*

  2. To be honest, I have no interest. EA is just selling out and selling out some more. Just like in the days of The Sims 2 when they released H&M and IKEA stuff packs. Slapping real life brands on a game, in my opinion (which others may not share), is disgusting.

    But of course, I'm a bit of a builder, so if I'm going to burn 20 or 30 bucks, I'm going to burn it on something I can actually build with. Sure, guys are hot, but I'm past the stage in my life where I buy things because of a hot guy.....Or it could be because I'm married. Well, either way, this grumpy old granny is not interested in anything with a brand name or pop singer plastered all over it. EA sure likes to spend its money wooing brands and celebrities to appear on a game that constantly breaks. You'd think they could use that money for....oh I don't know...proper decently working games. But I think that's just asking too much these days, huh?

    Ah well, enjoy everyone. Who has two thumbs and is holding out for a Weather EP or a SP that doesn't have brands plastered on it? This piece of toast.

  3. It looks better than KP but nothing jumps out with a "buy me now" so will buy when it's on sale. The clothing looks like stuff I have and my Sims don't spend all that much time in their underwear anyway! XD

  4. LOL Zeri and LE! :P

    Haha, I don't buy stuff packs. I can't see me buying this one, but it looks way better than the KP one.

    When I'm done buying eps and it's on sale with the other stuff packs, then maybe.

    Right now EA can shove it...till the magic ep anyway. xD


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