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Eternity of the Damned -Chapter 15-

Agh this chapter was hard! I actually needed the pose player to pull it off. Hope you like it. Also check out my odd couple models making an appearance. Since Claudia is alive in my universe, she got away from Armand by burning down his coven theater. She'll mention that. Ah she's wonderful isn't she? Enjoy.

-Chapter 15: Silence-
Claudia awoke not long after the sun had set. Her mind filled with the memories of the night before, she began examining the room that set before her.
She had barely had any time to truly look around and what she saw amazed her. It seemed almost like a dream. The room was a perfect vision of white and gold interior. Simply stunning and almost too perfect for a guest like herself. "Is this a trick? A trap?" she wondered. Only a knock on the door brought her back to the reality and just as she expected it was Veronica.

She entered the room immediately and went over to the window staring almost aimlessly into the night. It was an emptiness in her eyes as she gazed at the stars. She looked just as glamorous as always, but something about her seem to be off tonight. She looked tired and irritable compared to the composed vampire Claudia had seen many nights before.
"Your clothes are in the closet. When you're ready, meet me outside." she said coldly leaving out the door as quickly as she came in.

Claudia watched the door close and began to dress. They met outside just like they agreed, but Veronica kept walking. Perplexed and fearful, Claudia followed closely behind her. The streets seemed empty compared to other nights. The sudden drop in temperature had kept the mortals away, but the immortals of the world felt nothing. The black coat and hat Veronica wore was for looks while Claudia lack of coverage looked odd, but didn't faze her. Both deep in thought, they walked quickly ignoring the cold sullen world around them.

Only when Veronica stopped, Claudia realized they were in a park. Veronica sat down on a bench, beckoning Claudia to sit next to her. She sat down hesitantly looking downward at the ground.
"So you know the vampire we saw the other night? May I have a name? Who is he?"

"His name is Armand. He is older than both my makers. He is a very power adversary."

"Armand?" She frowned thinking to herself. "I've heard that name as well. Does he know this Lestat and Louis you speak of?"

"Well of course. I guess you can call them friends or old allies perhaps. They definitely know each other. It is another reason I can't stay with makers. I don't trust them. They will sell me out in a heartbeat to have him back in their good graces."
"Armand wants you? For what?"

"He wants to kill me. He is out for revenge. Killing me would be payback for taking Louis away and burning down the Théâtre des Vampires. His coven..his home. If I hadn't burned down that place, his coven would of killed me for disobeying the rules."

"What rules did you break besides being made too young?"

Claudia stopped feeling uncomfortable by this question. It was no way Veronica would accept her if she answered truthfully. She knew her attempt at killing Lestat would be considered disgraceful even now. Tricking a vampire into drinking blood of deceased was the lowest of low, but it was the reason Armand's group had rightfully sentenced her to death. It was the one other rule she had broken.

"I...I...." she stuttered. "I simply broke the rule of being too young. That is all."

She frowned eyeing Claudia. She looked at her with disbelief, but continued her questioning. "What about this human?"
"I know nothing about him or understand what connection he might have with Armand."

"Hmmm...well the human importance doesn't matter. I'm more interested in this Armand. Lestat and Louis also. Do they live here or are they traveling?"

"Lestat lives here, Louis isn't going anywhere I'm sure, and last night was my first time seeing Armand in centuries."

"Perhaps Armand using the human as coverage?"

"I would find that unlikely, but maybe so. I'm sure wherever he is, he will meet up with my makers soon."
"You think so. Well then that will make it easier for me to meet them all." she said chuckling. Well that's enough for now. We'll talk about them more later. Right now I need to feed and you're going help me." she said licking her lips and pointing straight ahead.
Claudia eyes locked on what Veronica seem to be focusing on now. A young human couple sat not too far away from them. Despite the cold, the two seem to be in a deep conversation while gazing into each others eyes lovingly. The man got down on one knee grasping the young woman's hand and appeared to be proposing to her. The woman's scream of joy and ring box only confirmed this suspicious. As the man slip the ring on her finger, Veronica spoke again.
"That's our dinner. Go get it."

"What? Now? That couple?"

"What you have morals now? Do you have a soft spot for these human like that Armand you speak of? Are you weak?"

"No, but..."

"Show me you're not as useless as I think you are. You will help me and you're going help me now!" she said grabbing the child vampire by her neck. She let go pushing her slightly into the direction of the couple. Her face twisted rage and desperation for to feed.
Claudia too frighten to disobey began to walk over to the couple. She would play the same act, she played with all her victims. The innocent child.
It would be easy, but the thought of cutting short these humans lives who did nothing wrong seem to bother her oddly. She enjoyed it when her victims were a challenge or when her victims deserved their punishment. This couple would be push overs and the proposal she witness would be nothing, but a sad story to tell at their funerals. Also the open area of the park and the idea of a young couple suddenly being slain wasn't exactly the greatest way of staying low in such a world. "Will I be next to be on the news?" she thought as she inched closer to huddle up couple on the bench.
"Honey, maybe we should go. It's freezing out here!" the man spoke.

The woman gazing at her ring answered, "Huh? Oh sure. It's getting late anyway."

"Um...excuse me." Claudia took one last glance at Veronica, who smiled a reassuring smile. Claudia frowned back at her, but continued.

"My mother isn't feeling well. Please help us." she said folding her arms as if she was cold.

She then put her hands to her eyes and began to act if she was crying. The woman and man both looked sad and concerned for her as she expected they would. The man reached out for her, while the woman knelled down to her level patting her on her back.
"Where is your mommy sweetie? We'll be happy to help." the woman spoke softly grabbing a napkin out of her pocket for Claudia's teary eyes.

"Don't worry. Everything is going be ok." the man chimed in.

"Where is she?" the woman asked again looking around the park.

"Right here sweetheart." Veronica swiftly grabbed the man by his coat and bit into his neck.
The woman eyes widen at the sight of him, but before she could get up to save her fiance, Claudia sunk her fangs into her. She groaned and crumbled, while the man screamed fighting for his life. Veronica chuckled letting the man fight her off a little. It was quite clear she found this all amusing. Then with a sudden movement not visible to the human eye, Veronica snapped his neck and the man screams were no more.
"Good girl Claudia," the smaller immortal heard as a deafening silence fell over the park.

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