Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Has anyone seen "Money From Stangers"?

On MTV? OMG it's so stupid, but funny! I was just watching it cracking up! They ask random people off the street if they want make some money and if they accept they have to do all these random things in a random places or stores to get certain amounts of money. None of the people in the places know what's going on, so they often look at them like they are nuts or they sometimes call the police on them. I could never do that show! I would be too busy laughing or too embarrassed to even attempt some of that stuff. One lady had to plank in the middle of a restaurant just now and water their plants with cream. The people who worked there of course were like WTF! Then it was this one guy who got thrown out after he smashed a watermelon on the floor and screamed touchdown as he was leaving. Mindless fun. You have to see it I guess. Sounds dumb written out like this, but it's too funny. I hate MTV now, but it's better than that Jersey crap they put on.

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