Monday, May 28, 2012

† Vampire Immortality † CONTRACT -1 Scores!

Back with the vampire theme tonight. I got 1st!!!!!! Woooooo! I'm so happy! *dances*
 For the story click here! So scores you say...

10/10- uniqueness
10/10-relates to contract
10/10-photo quality
9/10- clothing relates to vampire type/and contract
10/10- vampire essence

comments : I really have no critics , the lighting is fantastic and the poses are great , the story is visionary as I can visualize it easily

Uniqueness 10/10
Relates to contract 10/10
Quality 9/10
Clothing 10/10
Vampire Essence 10/10

Total 49/50

This was beautifully written. I got into the story right away and loved it. It’s so reminiscent of Anne Rice’s own view of vampires in it’s set up. I really can’t wait to see where you take the story. The over all image was fantastic. I love all the detail you put into it. The blood stains on the floor and scattered roses enhanced the illusion well. The only thing negative I can say is that Henry himself looks just a little to placid in the photo. I understand t hat he is succumbing to bite of is attacker but I would have loved to see his face a little more animated

8/10 Uniqueness
10/10 Relates to Contract
10/10 Photo Quality
10/10 Clothing
9/10 Vampire Essence

Total score= 145

I'm so happy this went over well and not the other way around. xD It turned out exactly like I wanted, but I was still unsure how the judges would like it. I did orginally try another pose, but it lacked impact and you couldn't see the other vampire much which was a key peice. Then the roses were an afterthought. I seriously dived into this unsure if it would work. The stage was my biggest worry and what I envisioned, but I had no idea I could make a convincing stage. Thank plumbobs for Showtime stage props!!!

Anyway, my idea was indeed inspried by Interview With A Vampire. The one scene where Armand is on stage makes up most of my inspiration, but I also had the book The Vampire Lestat in mind for what my model was like before he was a vampire. If you read the book you would be familiar with the character, Nicolas. I'm going kinda draw inspiration from him a bit I think for some of my model's personality. As for the scene with Armand, I wanted it to have a bit of the dramatics of that scene and the female extras were also a nod to that part. If I could change one thing I would try to edit his face, even though I'm not too good with that. The pose I ended up with was meant for a woman, so I think I had a lot to do with the frozen weird face. It's not too many vampire poses, so I think I'm going have improvise a lot from here.

As for the story, I definitely went for the Anne Rice feel. I was going to do a third-person view as I always do, but I thought it made much more sense for Henry to tell his own story. Plus it was a lot more fun. I did have some trouble at first, but it just came out into a long novel of entry after finding some peace and quiet. I'm still puzzled how my brain thought of that honestly. 0_0  

Ok, now I'm done talking. Sorry for rambling. When I get first, I get really excited and pumped! I can't help it. Then the fact that it's one of my most favorite things doesn't help either. :P I just hope my next entry is just as good. >_<

P.S. Shot out to Darkling who was our backup judge for this round! :)

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