Friday, May 11, 2012

The Wedding! Marrying a genie! *Pic Spam*

First you saw their engagement. Now check out their wedding. ^_^
The guest arrived. lol They were kinda in the way. >_>
They eventually took their seats and the happy couple took their places.
Bathing suit does not equal formal. 0_0
By the way, I wanted the wedding to have a exotic feel and since Santos is a genie I thought he might look weird in a tux. He's dressed in one of the India outfits from the store and Tempa is wearing my favorite dress and the India headdress from the store.
 ^You missed. o_o
 Stupid paparazzi!
 But even on her wedding day Tempa had a desire to work...
 She even went in her wedding dress.
Maybe I'm just noticing it, but Santos got out of bed and looked at his hand when he had the married thought bubbles. Thought that was a cute and neat little interaction.
Well that's all folks! Well no not really. Genie kids! Next time I play I will be working on that ! :D

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