Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Love, magic, and gnomes! Pic Spam!

My gnome baby is now a kid. Cute how they grow up. :)

I wish I could of caught a better picture. LOL My genie (Santos) didn't have anyone to talk to and his social bar was low, so he began talking to the counter. Reminds me of the social bunny from sims 2. xD Kinda miss him.
 See the sparkles. This is the effect you get when you have a genie clean your house. :D
 Well after thinking on it for awhile, I decided to have them move to a bigger home.
Santos has his own way of getting to his new home. xD
The game froze doing this, so I had to do it all over again. -_-
Anyway the couple seem to be hitting it off. I was going wait till they were married, but Tempa was in a bit of hurry. 0_0
 My gnomes are so freaking lazy. >_>
 Back to Santos, he decided to try out more of his genie powers on the paparazzi.
 The "Banish sim" power is very useful in getting rid of the paps. Hehe.
 Then the couple decided to star gaze. Didn't know they could do that on a porch/deck.
 I'm also still messing with his food summoring powers. He litterally can summon any food for free. o_0
Since Tempa whole look was inspired by gypsies and forture tellers, I decided to give her some more magic stuff.
 Another date in their new hot tub, but they had a unwanted visitor.
 After sending them off to various places around town and one freeze, I decided to have Santos pop the big question.
The end...kidding. The end of this post. lol So romantic. Now to plan a wedding. I might cheat a bit, so they can have a really nice wedding with guest. Then I might do a private one, but I've done so many of those. Either way, I'm one step closer to having my genie family. :)

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