Sunday, April 22, 2012

What to say on my 1000th post?

Yep...My 1000th post, not counting the 2 drafts I have. Speech you say? I know this has been the moment you all been waiting for. No, you don't have to tell me. I know you been on the edge of your seat waiting this out. lol So what do I have to say for 1000 post?

Thanks. That is all. I've been sitting racking my brain on what to post and thanks is what to comes to mind. Without you I wouldn't have much to say. You made this 1000th post possible, because what else would I blog about besides sims and I think "at least someone is reading this". xD Your the reason I keep this up almost everyday. Thank you. And thank you Mares for giving me the inspiration to screenshot the craziness that is the simming community. Your influence is all over this blog. 1000th post later and I'm still here. Who knew I had that much to say. 0_0

*cue the Carlton dance*
dance - carlton Pictures, Images and Photos

P.S. And Happy Birthday Paco. :)


  1. This is the perfect excuse for why I bought that Cadbury cookie platter for $3.50 at Staples.

    A toast to 1,000 posts. With delicious chocolatey shortbread guilt.

  2. Hey Vidicus, just dropping by to say hey and congratulations :D Hope things are going well with you, and Happy Earth Day!

  3. OMG thank you guys! I feel so special. Really wonderful having friends like you folks. :)

    You are so welcome Paco. Happy Bday again! :D

    Westie! I want some. D: lol

    And Cel!!! Been forever since I've seen you. I'm good and I've been kinda lucky today. Hope things are going well for you too. *hugs* And Happy Earth Day! :)

  4. HEy HEy HEy! COngrats VId (sorry for the latenss)

    (What is with my capitalization? XD)


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