Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kill a Katy Perry Sim? The brain cells that got away!

Ah a kill Katy Perry thread. Who didn't see this coming? With EA ramming Katy Perry down our throats and a Katy Perry sim being available for download (looks nothing like her, but meh), you would think these threads would be popping up in droves.

Well it started off with a few odd negative smiley responses, but it had some witty ones as well.
With all the KP insanity she should be. lol
Then the usual showed up to give their useless opinions on the matter... 
Then the thread spiral into a black hole of epic stupidity. You have been warned!

We need no words for these comments. Just pictures. Well after not being able to hold my fingers any longer, I decided to inject my own feelings into the thread very bluntly....
Most people agreed with me, but then I got this response....
Then cue Wiz herself...
Like where do these people come from? My brain can't comprehend such stupidity. It's really overwhelming today.


  1. My previous comment. Shoving...Milking. SOUNDS DIRTY O_O

  2. I blame EA for shoving Katy Perry in our throats. I like Katy Perry. But seriously EA is milking her for cash -___-

  3.  I think for sure death by Cow Plant would be just right for her.  I only hope the plant would not spit her back out at us. 

    I read part of this thread as well, but after a couple of pages it did my head in. 

    Happy Easter you lot.

  4. that's what you call a hardcore KP fans my dear.  =P

    ITS A FREAKING SIM! >.< who cares? >.<
    Ahh D: i like KP but it's pretty damn stupid to make a song and dance about killing her sim.


  5. Ikr! If I had Katy Perry in my game, I would of fed her to the cow plant and post pictures just out of spite. What a bunch drama queens. ROFL The people on that forum literally made me a do a head desk today.

  6. I'd go for the cow plant too! 

  7. So the killing of anonymous Sims is ok ... and the killing of Liam is ok ... and the killing of paparazzi Sims is ok ... and (apparently) the killing of simselves of people you know is ok ... but the killing of KP Sims is wrong?  Some people just like the drama of being offended. Yawn!


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