Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Midnight Pic Spam: My new genie and baby gnome ^_^

First time trying the mechanical bull. Almost forgot about it.
Had a full house.
 Then the next day my sim woke up to see this:
A baby gnome! Awwwww! Isn't it precious?
So freaking cute!!!
But both my gnomes are male, sooo how that happen?! 0_0 I guess it doesn't matter since gnomes don't have genders.... I think. Lol
 Anyway, a picture of my magician gnome hiding out after the seeing the little surprise.
 Ice cream break in her new work outfit.
 Dropped it. >_<
 Packed house again.
 After lunch, I decided to give up my search for a genie lamp and cheat. I think I deserve a replacement genie after getting a cranky female one.
 Yes!!! And it's a male!
My plans are to free him, have them marry, and make some genie babies! Also once I get him to be part of my household I will try simporting. Anyway it was a good end to my night. :D

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