Thursday, April 12, 2012

Darkness and Odd couples! Comp pics!

I've been working on this all day!!! 8 sims and 8 different poses. It's exactly what I wanted. So happy! :) If you can't tell I had to dress my model up as a zombie. And you know what show I was inspired by? The Walking Dead of course! See if you can spot Rick and Shane look alikes in the pic. xD

Next, I joined another competition. Another couples one, but this time I have a girl/guy couple. They are kinda inspired by my other favorite modeling couple, Mikey and Nick. They remind me of them anyway. Named them Maggie and Arnie though. Hehe.
I have another picture, but that one will probably be use for the model wall and I loooove this pose. Well I'm done with comp stuff for today. Time to focus on other stuff while I'm still awake. ;)

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