Monday, April 9, 2012

Two of my blogs may be getting shut down soon

Kinda sad, but I have been thinking this over for a long time now. TS3 CC gallery and VK20 Sims modeling may be getting deleted soon. I always feel like a failure when it comes to this stuff, but I don't have the time to keep updating these blogs.

TS3 CC especially takes work to keep updating and it takes even more work to hunt down people to add to it. It also isn't fun to keep updating with the same people over and over again. To be a real listing site, it should at least have a variety of people. Things just got slower and slower as time went on with a few bumps in the road. Then the sese.. troll business also hinder it from working as the email had to be taken down. Just a lot of things contribute to it's demise and I knew full well I wasn't going be able to keep it going after awhile. I think it would be best to put out of it's misery. Maybe down the road I can do something like this again with a cooler name. lol

Then with VK20 Sims Modeling, with me no longer able to run comps under my vidkid20 name it's silly to keep it up. Plus it just gives me added work with scores and assignments. I was thinking about keeping it up for just to look at, but I can make a page for my modeling comps here if you ever want to look at them.

I have not hit the delete button on any of these yet, but soon if I don't change my mind they will be going bye bye with one last post. Vidkid20 sim lair and VK20 customs will be staying up though, so no worries. Back to work. :)


  1. I could leave it up. I have no problem doing that. I did think about keeping it as a archive. ^_^

  2. If they have downloadable content, could you not...I don't know...just leave them up there as some kind of archive?

    It just seems a shame to lose all that work by deleting them, that's all. :(


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