Monday, April 23, 2012

Darkness Finale! I won 1st! Woooo!!!

I had a lucky simming day yesterday. :) *jumps up and down* This comp ended early, but I won with my zombie picture. So much fun. To think I almost dropped out. ;)
Click read more to see all the pictures for this, descriptions, and ideas behind them.

All the pictures in order...
Assignment 1- Evil Farie
Elizabeth the fairy was always the black sheep of the family. They said she was born with a black heart as everything she touched died and wilted. Even her wings turned brown, while others turned bright magical colors. She envy them, but she loved that she was different. She would realized she was better off living in the darkness, while the others lived in light. She descended quickly into the world of black magic. The darkness filled her cold heart with joy as she made her first murderous portion.

Assignment 2- Evil in it's true foam (An angel had to be featured in it)
For millions of years, the guardians of the earth have watched over mankind perched upon the rooftops as unmoving statues. Their lving true form hidden by stone. Only when pure evil appears that they are allowed to come to life and tonight was the night. The ground came apart revealing a demon and possibly the devil herself.

Assignment 3- Evil Doll
The Bloody Doll House
Once upon a time, they lived two dolls named Barbie and Ken. They lived happily with the other toys in their magical dream house. Every night with this magic they came to life while the children were sleeping. One day a new toy suddenly appeared. She was different from the other dolls. Her ball joints showed and her blank stare was almost evil. While the others played at night, she stood as still as a statue. Well one night, Barbie awoke late from her slumber to find the her beloved Ken dead and the other dolls to afraid to move. She then followed the trail of blood to the new doll, Elizabeth. With a bloody knife in her hand and blood trickling from her mouth, she stood as still as she had before. Only a wisper came from her mouth: "Barbie you're next...."

Assignment 4- Zombies
Flat Line
They said the outbreak was so sudden no one was prepared. Choas erupted throughtout the world and the sleepy small town of Sunset was rock to it's core. It first started at the hospital. The morgue that held the dead became alive suddenly, but none of the staff understood what was going on. Frozen in fear, the moans of the dead echoed throughout the hallways. Then the doors burst open to reveal the horror. They got out and started effecting the living. Tearing people to shreads no one was safe. Patients to the doctors themselves all ran for their lives. Some got away while others became the walking dead. "God help us all!"

My thoughts?

The 1st picture was last minute with no ideas. I almost dropped.

The 2nd picture was me trying my hardest. Had just installed Showtime, so my game was a bit unstable at the time as well. Really kinda gave up for a mintue, but I made it work. lol I did some editing to cover her hands, as one was going through her wing. Then the rest of the editing was just me playing around. I was shocked I tied with Evie for 1st with that. I don't think I should have as hers was way better, but ah well.

The 3rd picture is one of my favorites! I just happen to get the perfect pose for my model. That pose isn't even meant for the knife she's holding. Then the Showtime props came in handy. The skin was also really cool. The only editing I did was sharpening (almost always), the lighting, added more blood and added 2 joints things on her legs.

The fourth and final picture is also a favorite of mines. I really wanted to capture The Walking Dead and I was inspired by hospital scene at the beginning where Rick is in a coma. Rick is awake in this picture though. lol Anyway, some of the poses I used weren't even meant for what I was doing. Three of them were apart of a stabbing/weapon pose pack. The rest were EA and a gun pose. The gun pose for my police/Shane look alike did bug me as it was a bit stiff. I did try to fade the edges to cut him out a little and then I got the idea to make him look like he shot her with a bullet effect. I think that helped. The rest of the editing was mostly blood and lighting. The setting itself is probably one of my best. I usually suck at building sets. It all just came together.

Well that's it folks. lol So happy to win and compete against such talent! :)


  1. Oooh. Congrats Vid! Those pics are looking fabulous!

  2. Hi Wibs! Hi Em! *glomps* Thank you. :)

  3. Vidi congrats again sweets, but did you have a problem redeeming your points too?
    Stupid EA can suck my..... toes >.>

  4. Thanks AE.:) Congrats again and thanks Tobz! And yes EA can suck my toe too! Evil Arts has done it again. >_>


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